Award-winning ice scoop with unique slots for dry ice launched at Kickstarter

New revolutionary ice scoop Drain Scoop promises perfect undiluted drink with its innovative slotted design that drains out unnecessary water from melting ice cubes while serving for drinks.

Watered-down diluted drinks are any day a party spoiler. Regular ice scoops can’t help carrying unwanted water while serving ice from the ice bucket, leaving you with a ruined drink. But not anymore- good news is one the way! NY-based company Valentine Mark Corporation has recently launched its revolutionary Drain Scoop at Kickstarter that scoops up only dry cold ice to ensure proper undiluted chilled drinks. Backed by ingenious slotted design to drain water from ice, the patented product has already been acknowledged with the prestigious “Best New Product Showcase” at International restaurant and Food Service Show of New York.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $8,000 by September 22.

“Diluted drinks from watery-ice are always frustrating. Ice buckets don’t carry drainage vents, and it’s the same with regular scoops. When the ice starts to melt you have no option but to let the watery-ice destroy the rich taste of your exotic drink. Tongs help to pick up ice without water, but that’s a sloth affair altogether. A lot of people use hands – yet do you think that’s sanitary enough? Certainly not. Such a grim state inspired us to design our breakthrough ice scoop ‘Drain Scoop’ which solves all the problems mentioned above. It comes with a unique slotted design that helps to drain out the unnecessary water from melting ice while you scoop out ice for your drink. Interestingly, our innovative product combines the ‘dry-ice’ convenience of tongs with the speed of scoops to make things easier and more enjoyable for you. It has already earn applauds and accolade from experts, and now we are looking forward to taking it to the masses- thus this crowdfunding campaign. Let’s join hands to bring this revolutionary product to the world”, stated a leading spokesperson from Valentine Mark Corporation.

VTMC acts as a parent company with a focus on game-changing patented products, and Drain Scoop is its latest project.

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on the major innovative features of Drain Scoop –

  • One essential slot and 3 secondary slots to drain out water from ice quickly and completely.
  • The ergonomically designed comfortable handle which is adequate to reach out to the whole of ice bucket but also sufficiently narrow to get into pint-sized containers.  
  • Patented product made with robust food-grade materials- polished, elegant aluminum and cute plastic option. The plastic ones are available in 2 sizes (large and small) and multitude of interesting colors.

“Drain Scoop promises you the much-waited tool that will enable you to drain water from ice efficiently, fast, comfortably & sanitarily. Most importantly, this patented product assures 100% customer satisfaction guarantee without burning your pocket. The breakthrough scoop starts from $3 only.”

A host of cool rewards are waiting for the backers. These include both aluminum and plastic Drain Scoop products at highly discounted prices, custom cocktail glasses designed by Drain Scoop team, ice buckets, etc. Higher pledges reaching $999 would be honored with an exclusive meeting with the CEO of VTMC.


To show your support for Drain Scoop, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Company Name: Valentine Mark Corporation
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