9/11 is Just the Beginning of More Attacks in “Hostile Intent: Game On” by W.M. Allen, a Gripping Battle Story

Jackson, CA – The 9/11 attacks will never cease to be both a subject of fiction or non-fiction accounts. A new novel, “Hostile Intent: Game On” by W.M. Allen’s now extends the premise of the air borne attack to yet another threat that has never been imagined before, an attack from inside the very shores of the US.

Colonel Patrick O’Malley holds the counter strategy to overcome a new threat to the US. To action it, he would also require the President’s consent. Backed by a specialized team, O’Malley is now out on a journey to ensure his country’s safety. The attacks have begun, and they are coming. The inborn attack can however be overcome, and all it needs is a plan. The larger question is, who will be up to the challenge?

W.M. Allen’s “Hostile Intent: Game On” takes off from the attack on the World Trade Centers and the mass casualties it left behind. The new wave of terror he conceives of is more lethal, and is just the beginning. The US has never considered, not ever since the Civil War, this style of causing mass havoc.

Author W.M. Allen retired from the legal profession in 2014. He has also dedicated sixteen years to explore special operations before writing down his epic war story, and is now a regular writer for the Signature Series by Hopeful Media Solutions and other works.

“Hostile Intent is a must read a book that tells the story of a group of our military’s finest heeding the call to serve after the attacks of 9/11,” says one review.

“This book absolutely killed me with the thrilling and fictional story. All the characters and story described in a magical way. I really recommend this e-book to anyone who loves fictional thriller books and wants some new taste,” said another reviewer.

Living in Ione, CA, W.M. ALLEN is an accomplished legal assistant who has specialized in criminal writs and appeals for the past thirty years. Though without a military background, he cherishes the arduous work done by the US military personnel in keeping the country safe.

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