Author’s New Book “Harnessing Altruism” Receives A Warm Literary Welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – General book “Harnessing Altruism” by Sava Buncic, currently available at

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Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Harnessing Altruism by Sava Buncic is a classic book that fans of the human condition will adore, only the setting and the storyline are quite different and unique. Ed grows up in a very cruel world, knowing what life is like in the slums, drifting from one unfortunate situation of need and poverty to another. It’s a story set against a turbulent world where the strong prey on the weak, and where the sense of justice is steadily being eroded by the urgent need for survival. It is in a very dismal political climate, with climate change bringing untold suffering to humankind, that the hero of this book has to recreate himself, and tread the path between life and death, dream and wakefulness. Can he survive a merciless world riddled with injustices?

Sava Buncic is a great storyteller who creates a world that is both real and prophetic, a strong warning of what mankind could be drifting towards. The writing is excellent with absorbing descriptions, a vision of a world no one would love to live in. The characters featured in this book are very compelling and Ed will come across as a powerful symbol of hope and the innate conflict reflecting the tensions that inhabit the human spirit. The reader is keen to know what would happen to Ed because he is the very symbol of the human struggle and hope will die if he dies. It’s poetic, mesmerizing, and very entertaining. Harnessing Altruism is a beautiful work that will speak powerfully to the hearts of readers, a story about survival in a world that knows no mercy.”

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