Polluted Air a Major Concern Following Harvey Devastation

Flood Victims Make Indoor Air Quality a Priority

Events like Hurricane Harvey can have a lasting impact across the impacted region. When a natural disaster strikes a community, it will have a different impact on each property. Unfortunately, some properties may be completely lost, while others may present the homeowners with challenging DIY projects. The flooding of hurricane Harvey left significant waste water contamination in the Houston area. The water types range from typical category two storm run-off to waters infested with pathogens and chemicals. In any case, the water recedes, leaving behind damp properties and structures that become breeding grounds for microorganisms, including mold.

Homeowners have already begun to combat potential problems by quickly attacking the source and clearing the air of contamination before mold takes up residence. The use of air purification systems early on in restoration greatly improves the chance of long-term success. Products that address multiple concerns at once are the go-to systems for both homeowners and Disaster Restoration Organizations in the aftermath of a disaster. Furthermore, many have opted out of once-popular systems, such as ozone generators, that release harmful chemicals back into the environment.

As victims of Hurricane Harvey begin the process of restoring their homes, cleaning the household air is a number one priority for many. The two questions that homeowners ask after recognizing the need to treat their air are “What could potentially be in the air?” and “How do I address it?”. After a flooding event like Harvey, water contamination can include ground pollution, vehicle fuels, household chemicals, microorganisms, and pesticides. As waters recede, this diverse range of contaminants are released into the air.

Common residential air filters will help some but ultimately are only useful for particulate removal. Air scrubbers are commonly used by restoration contractors and have HEPA filters which can catch mold spores and circulating microorganisms. After intense flooding from Hurricane Harvey, residential and commercial air filtering systems need to be outfitted with cartridges that are designed to mitigate airborne chemical pollution. One brand that many Disaster Restoration Organization are turning to is OdorKlenz.

For homeowners who are addressing pollution in their air without the use of a Disaster Restoration Contractor, having a good air purifier has proven to be even more impactful. These DIY-ers are turning to products and tools that address as many chemistries and pollution problems as possible. Manufacturers of air purifiers, such as OdorKlenz, are offering discounts on their purifying systems to aid those homeowners that are taking restoration into their own hands. A system like the OdorKlenz Mobile Air Unit will work against the particulates and the chemicals in the air.

Disasters like Hurricane Harvey can be devastating to a home. Even if there is not much structural damage, the polluted floodwaters can release mold, chemicals, and other harmful substances into a household’s air. Because of the dangerous implications polluted air can have on a family’s health, it is important to think ahead and take Indoor Air Quality seriously in the aftermath of a hurricane or other natural disaster.

OdorKlenz specializes in the mitigation of harmful chemical malodors. The OdorKlenz Mobile Air Unit is ideal for victims of flooding to drastically reduce the airborne pollutants and chemicals left in their home environment. In light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, OdorKlenz is offering 20% off online orders with the coupon code: RELIEF20.

You can call 239-330-9650 or email custserv@timilon.com with any questions regarding indoor air pollution and OdorKlenz. Shop OderKlenz on their website and find more information.

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