Top Bulk Liquid Transportation Services Provider Invests in $ 1.5 Million Water Treatment Facility

Plattsmouth, NE The liquid tank industry is a highly specialized business that requires a serious investment. It also follows that cleaning liquid trucks is an intricate and specialized process in the trucking of bulk liquids. With their commitment to deliver environmentally friendly services, Liquid Trucking invests $ 1.5 million for a water treatment facility in Plattsmouth.

“Our home base facilities are available to support our liquid transport drivers and all other staff, as we believe they are our greatest asset. We offer a full-service maintenance, fueling and washout facility. All truck maintenance is done in house, by our skilled team,” says Jason Eisenman, the Liquid Trucking spokesperson. The company is established in 1989, making it as one of the largest tanker trucking companies in the United States. Currently there are 215 employees working for them, and they are still expanding due to the steady demand for liquid bulk tankers. Liquid Trucking sees the construction of the water treatment facility as a permanent solution for allowing the business to scale and meet demand from customers.

Liquid Trucking is aware that washouts can emit strong odors. Due to this, the company approached  city government with a treatment facility solution, but the city was also dealing with wastewater issues in Plattsmouth. Nonetheless, an agreement was finally signed in August 2016 and the city of Plattsmouth issued two construction permits to the company. The first one is for the force main and the other one is for the pretreatment system which consists of anaerobic digester and SBR biological treatment facility. Liquid Trucking is now finishing the construction of the pretreatment system. Once completed, this makes the company compliant with the regulations set by Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

In addition, a state-of-the-art monitoring system is part of the facility construction. An annual inspection will be also done by the city government. Liquid Trucking projects that there is a $ 125,000 to $ 150,000 annual fees being paid to the city. This says a lot, since the company prides itself as one of the top food grade tanker trucking companies in the United States. Additional investments are also being made in other areas of safety and compliance, keeping Liquid Trucking at the forefront of the industry.

Interested business owners may visit Liquid Trucking’s website at Their office is located at 108 East Bay Rd., Plattsmouth NE. They can be reached through the telephone at 844-468-2657 or via email at

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