New System That Helped Real Estate Newcomers Generate $65k in Profit Without Using Their Own Money

Faisal Velani of AREIS (Automated Real Estate Investment System).
The Real Estate Lead Machine by AREIS is a new lead generation system for the Real Estate market that promises quick returns for little to no investment.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Houston, TX – Real estate has always been considered a stable market for investors and personal property owners. However, it remains a competitive market that requires specialized skills to break into successfully.  For Shawn Mandan and Faisal Velani the roadblocks to real estate success presented the type of challenge that offered opportunity to create and innovate. After unsuccessfully using standard marketing for their fledgling real estate business the pair decided there had to be a better way to launch themselves and earn some of the millions that flow through the system each day. The two men created the company “AREIS” which stands for Automated Real Estate Investment System that helped them to harness the power of social media. The Real Estate Lead Machine by AREIS is a real estate lead generation system that creates the type of sales funnel that leads to direct engagement and big profits.

“Imagine a system that not only gave you leads, but pre-screened leads,” says Faisal. “Instead of chasing customers, you bring them to you. That is what we’ve built out with our system. When we stopped trying to chase customers and instead gave them a reason to talk to us all of the pieces began to fall into place. Within months we had created a six figure income for ourselves in real estate. Now that we are certain of our system—have tested it out completely—we’re prepared to help others do the same.”

The duo used a combination of content marketing and social media marketing to draw in interested parties and keep them in a position of engagement until sales can be made.  Once the system is in place, it requires little to no maintenance. The sales funnel is already created.

“If you have to constantly put in time and money on a system then chances are it’s not a good system,” explains Faisal. “The key is to reduce both and create something that works day and night without your input. That’s what we have and what we are now offering to others.”

The Real Estate Lead Machine by AREIS is now available to the public. This turnkey lead machine package will give real estate agents and clients everything they need to get into the game right away. They will also be offering group coaching in the near future for those who want to get into real estate but need a little more guidance. Shawn and Faisal believe that their system will help to shift how people look at real estate investment and sales, and hope that more people will see their success and realize that they can do it, too.

“There is so much money to be made in real estate,” says Shawn. “It’s a good time to be in the market. Today, we have the tools available to make money easily so why not use them?”

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