Rock Salt USA offers various types of rock salt products at special prices and convenient delivery options

Berkeley – 9 Sep, 2017 – Rock Salt USA, the reputable provider of premium quality of ice melt and rock salt products at affordable prices, along with convenient delivery options to help their customers save a lot of money and time while placing bulk orders. To know more information about their melt ice and rock salt products, just click on their website link at

Rock Salt USA is the well known source of best quality rock salt as well as ice melt products that includes flakes of calcium chloride and pellets of magnesium chloride at the best prices and their delivery options are very convenient. They specialize in serving the customers residing in regions, such as Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and New York. They are the first choice of those customers who wish to get a truck full of rock salt delivered at their place within a period of 48 hours. Their flexible delivery options attracts very low fee to deliver based on the location of delivery. They specialize in offering fast and effective delivery of very effective melt ice products and salt products in the US region. They can also cater to complex ice removal requirements of the commercial and industrial clients, as they provide premium grade and pure products that can melt even very thick layers of ice formation within very less time.

And, for those customers living in Louisville KY, Columbus OH, Milwaukee WI, Chicago IL, Mt. Morris in New York, Rock Salt USA waives off their sales tax when fulfilling their orders. The clients placing bulk orders would get best price quotes when they order a truck with 25 tons of salt products. Their volume pricing would be offered for one time delivery orders alone and it will not apply to other orders placed round the year.

Rock Salt USA specializes in offering an array of melt ice products, such as pellets of magnesium chloride and flakes of calcium chloride for melting the ice accumulated on several surfaces, such as walkways, parking lots and stairways to help people move easily on days with heavy snowfall. This company is always happy to handle all types of bulk orders and can deliver across several states in the US. Their website has complete information about the wide range of rock salt and ice melt products they have, such as industrial ice melt, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, premium rock salt, bulk salt, Hi Way rock salt etc. to help them place the orders quite easily.

About Rock Salt USA

Rock Salt USA is the one stop solution for all high quality melt ice and rock salt products. They specialize in offering timely service, convenient delivery options and best prices for all bulk orders. Their product range includes industrial ice melt, magnesium chloride flakes, calcium chloride pellets, premium rock salt, bulk salt, Hi Way rock salt and so on to cater to varied demands.

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