Geeky family redefines online memorial with blockchain – opens new opportunities for investors

Enterprising geeky couple and marketing experts Gedas Kučinskas and Justina Kučinskė have integrated blockchain technology with online memorial records to ensure almost permanent records of our loved ones.

Vilnius, Lithuania – September 9, 2017 – Online memorial is soon to get a makeover for better – all thanks to a dynamic geeky couple who dares to think out of the box. Gedas Kučinskas and Justina Kučinskė have come up with their new website MEMTUM that aims to redefine online memorial with blockchain technology to make the records decentralized and almost permanent. The couple is positive about constant growing value of MEMTUM tokens and assures new exciting investment opportunity for investors.

The MEMTUM platform would be launched initially for the USA market on January 15, 2018. The geeky family has plans to expand its market next to UK +GE, Central Asia and Latin America by the conclusion of next year.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new improved form of online memorial service to the world with our website MEMTUM. For the first time, you have a team that has espoused blockchain technology with online memorial to ensure an unforgettable memorial for your loved one. The memorial records are one of the few things that are left to us when our dear ones are no more. We lost our loved ones recently which made us think out of a way that could help us to make the online memorial records permanent. It would give us the solace that there is at least something about our dear ones that will forever be with us. We found that as blockchain is mined constantly, it will enable us to make the records permanent if we mine the memorial records into blockchain”, stated Gedas.

Users would just have to pay a one-time charge to create memorial record with MEMTUM. Once the record gets mined into blockchain, the record would be safely stored for eternity  in decentralized network of computers. Users can check the records whenever they wish to without any recurring fee. They will be given printed certificate of stored memorial record and users would even be able to earn money by referring relatives and friends to MEMTUM.

“Our platform presents a highly potential investment opportunity for investors. We are backed by extensive experience in launching several successful firms in advertising and  law industry. Ours is a marketing driven platfrom and  we know what it takes to attract new users. The concept of MEMTUM is innovative, meaningful and something that truly touches the soul. It’s a high margin product and MEMTUM is designed to be a very profitable and sustainable portal. We are confident to attain 20M/year visitors to the platform. It will be a lifetime experience to join hands with us and enhance your investment portfolio with MEMTUM.” 

The enterprising geeky couple has also partnered with high-end customer acquisition companies to improve the reach of MEMTUM worldwide. They are positive about redistributing more than 2MUSD/year to the token owners.  

“We will redistribute weekly profits to our token owners. MEMTUM will buy back MEMTUM token within specified exchanges. It ensures ever growing value for MEMTUM tokens. If you are looking for a truly profitable investment platform, we are here for you.”

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