Custom Injection Mold Service Provider Now Offers rapid Industrial Design Services

Fast and error-free industrial mould design with minimum downtime is one of the priorities of appliance manufacturers right now. now offers fast industrial mould design services to meet the needs., or Sositar Mould Co., Ltd, a China-based industrial-grade mould design service provider, recently announced that they can now offer fast and reliable custom injection mold service. The owners of the company said that they have increased their competitiveness and have even established a team of experienced industrial mould designers.

“Our expert team has been working with us since 2009 and the team consists of top academicians, highly experienced engineers and experts. However, with the joining of a new crop of young and dynamic professionals from different technical universities in China and with the strategic purchase of a few sophisticated machines, we have successfully increased our capability to offer fast and seamless appearance design, industrial design and product structure design”, said a key executive of Sositar Plastic during a press conference.

“In fact, the team has undergone massive changes over the past two years. We have got new experts onboard and we have strategically invested in new equipment. Our design prototypes were accepted by clients all across the world, and we have started mass-producing our industrial designs. Our precision engineering methods help us in getting impeccable results every time”, added the executive of the industrial design service provider.

At present, the company has ten mold designers, all of whom have extensive experience in designing and prototyping mold structures and plastic properties. According to the executive, their technical team conducts the mold flow analysis so as to circumvent manufacturing problems and for easy troubleshooting. “This way, we can keep the downtime to a minimum, something which is essential for reducing the cost of custom injection mold service that we offer”, the executive maintained.

The CEO and managing director of said that they now aim at reducing the lead time. “We now offer a variety of solutions including appearance design, structural design, two- and three-dimensional mold designs, manufacturing prototype parts etc. We will surely increase our capabilities manifold in the coming days. The aim is to become a global leader in injection mould service”, said the CEO at a press conference.

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