Red9 reveals which databases gained popularity in their monthly database popularity index

“A screenshot of the top ten database languages on the internet in August 2017.”
Red9, a database service, support, and consulting firm, based in Atlanta, GA uses its new Popularity Index tracks the use of over 300 various database engines.

ATLANTA, GA – Red9, a database service, support, and consulting firm, based in Atlanta, GA recently released their database popularity index rankings ( for August reflecting ranking changes since their last index update in June 2017.

Every month, Red9 updates a database popularity index which ranks various database management systems (DBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL among others.

The index demonstrates the percentage of change, a percentage of market share, a relative score, and their points, as well as each DBMS ranking among the other entries listed. In the August report, data reflects most Microsoft DBMS have seen a steady increase including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL.

Red9 looks at indexed pages on search engines, the number of books written on a particular DBMS, trending Q&As on StackOverflow and more to formulate its rankings.

According to Managing Partner Mark Varnas, “We believe that this database shows some interesting trends, including the fact that MySQL has maintained their spot as the No. 1 ranking since January of this year. We have also seen a major increase in popularity of Microsoft Azure SQL as it is up from No. 22 in January 2017 to No. 8 in August.”

To see more on the information on the database popularity index rankings for August, visit their website at

About Red9:

Red9 is a database service, support, and consulting firm highly experienced in handling all needs regarding a business’ Microsoft SQL server. With decades of experience behind them, the team at Red9 is committed to being the best SQL Server option for you. The company acts as a complete outsourced SQL Server Support department for all clients. 

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