Smart Airwheel H3 Folding Electric Wheelchair Gives the Disabled Great Travel Experience

For most disabled people, a smooth travel becomes an extravagant wish for them. Now, their savior comes and it is Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair. It is a wheelchair that takes people into full consideration. It becomes the flexible feet of those disable people and gives them a great travel experience.

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Generally speaking, the life of disabled people who can’t walk freely is boring. Even if they have an alterative tool – wheelchair, it can’t take them to any places they want. Their situation is thoroughly broken until Airwheel H3 smart Electric Wheelchairs comes into being. It has been through big innovation and upgrade on the basis of traditional wheelchairs. What the most important is that H3 gives disabled people excellent travel experience. The monotonous life is lightened.

Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair 

Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair is an electric product. In other word, it is powered by electricity. The rear and gear motor with dual drive offers powerful kinetic energy. What is more, the adopted branded lithium-ion battery cell is durable and enjoys numerous recharge times. Above two guarantee enough and strong drive power for travels. The front two wheels select Omni-directional design, which paves the way for disabled people to steer at will. The rear two big wheels with special tread pattern have excellent adaptability to different road conditions. People can sit in H3 and go to any places. For disabled people, the safety in travel is very important and H3 has done great job in this aspect. The equipped intelligent joystick controller is the example. It will automatically brake when people’s hand doesn’t touch the controller. The operation is simple but safe. In the journey, disabled people will be at ease, too. If there are obstacles, H3 will remind them in time so as to ensure safety.

Airwheel H3 smart Electric Wheelchairs 

In addition, Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair also offers great convenience. One button to fold comes very first. After use, H3 can be folded so as to park conveniently. As long as people slightly press the button, it can fold by itself.

Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair

Large capacity is also an outstanding design. People can take all of their belongs, such as camera, umbrella, cell phone or others and so on. All in all, people will get a safe, convenient and enjoyable journey.

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