My Holiday Fair Offers an In-School Holiday Gift Shop Service

Anderson, IN Portable shops existed thousands of years ago. Today, merchants group themselves together through trade fairs. However, these are normally targeted towards the adult demographic. With the proliferation of educational activities and fundraising events in schools, My Holiday Fair provides an in-school holiday gift shop for elementary students at schools all across the US.

“My Holiday Fair offers an in-school holiday store that provides an educational and fun experience for children. We provide all the promotional materials and any other supplies you will need. This can be purely for the benefit of your students, or you can use it as an easy fundraiser for your school. Either way, we do the hard work for you,” said David Kleinhenn, the company owner. My Holiday Fair offers no setup, no counting inventory, and no cost to teachers, PTO’s, or schools. The company is a subsidiary of Kleinhenn Fundraising Company, which specializes in creating successful fundraising programs for elementary schools and other groups.

My Holiday Fair positions itself as the premier mobile school gift shop for children. A store comes in pre-organized boxes containing over 100 different items for students to choose from. Their partner school may choose to sell these at cost, or charge markups if they intend to use the event as an easy school fundraiser. Portable stores established by My Holiday Fair are on consignment basis. This means that the school does not have to pay for unsold items, but only needs to return these after the event is finished in prepaid shipping boxes. My Holiday Fair can be set up in gyms, cafeterias, large classrooms, or in any spacious place that is easily reached by the students.

In-school holiday shops are established aside from monetary reasons. My Holiday Fair believes that there are various ways to learn decision-making skills outside the classroom. Giving these children a budget to spend helps them exercise their independence at an early age. Moreover, the school presents an opportunity to their students to acquire real-life skills in a controlled environment. Shopping is not necessarily easy, as they have limited budget in their hands. This also paves way for improving their social skills by communicating with their other friends. Lastly, My Holiday Fair intends to create a break from school activities while still giving the students something to learn.

My Holiday Fair serves public and private elementary schools all over the United States.  Principles, teachers, and PTO or PTA volunteers may visit their website at for more information. Their office is located at 1522 Main St, Anderson, IN. They can be reached through the telephone at (877) 842-0624 or via email at

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