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No hunting expedition is complete without the appropriate gear, and every hunter has a lengthy wish list of equipment and hunting-related swag he wish he owned, yet often puts off purchasing, for lack of finding detailed reviews about their pros and cons. was created by hunters, for hunters, with the intention of providing well-written, thorough reviews on hunting equipment, targeting both seasoned hunters and those new to the concept.

Speaking of hunting, Mr. Andrew Herrod, editor of, said that “Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.” He continued, “As with all outdoor ventures, hunting requires preparation and practice. Through our website, we publish engaging content, which help hunters make informed decisions prior to investing in new hunting equipment or gear.”

Having already gained a sizeable following, is growing rapidly, with thousands of unique visitors trusting the website for staying up-to-date with the latest releases in all kinds of hunting-related products.

One of the website’s most popular articles, “Choosing The Best Hunting Equipment in 2017”, instantly became a hit with readership, as it was released just ahead of the upcoming hunting season. Recently, a dedicated “Archery” section was added to, responding to readers’ requests for guides focusing on this specific means of hunting.

“We vow to provide our readers with thorough, objective reviews for the latest and greatest hunting gear and equipment releases. Anything from choosing the most conspicuous camo clothing, to the most durable hunting boots, and even specialized equipment, such as deer stands, readers can be sure to find just what they had been looking for, in one of HuntingExpert’s detailed guides”, said Mr. Herrod, concluding his statements.

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