Christopher Manavi sells SellNet Media LLC for $20 million

Renowned reputational management expert, and founder of SellNet Media LLC, Christopher Manavi, sells off a member of the Christopher Manavi Companies for $20 million

Christopher Manavi has reportedly sold SellNet Media LLC for $20 million to V Capital Group. Regarded by many as the grandmaster of reputational management, recently featured by the Huffington Post as “The Visionary Behind Reputation Management”, Christopher Manavi has built a name for himself in the digital marketing industry.

SellNet Media is one of the members of the Christopher Manavi Companies family, a brand that revolutionized the world of digital marketing and of course, online reputation management over the years.

Christopher Manavi has not only made a name for him in the online reputation management industry, but actually started out as one of the most sought-after SEO experts during the advent of search engine optimization. He envisioned a future where ranking will not only be a major concern for businesses, but protecting and maintaining an online reputation would become equally important.

Christopher’s vision led to the creation of Christopher Manavi Companies, with SellNet Media LLC being the parent company.  Christopher, having building the brand for years, has reportedly sold SellNet Media LLC for $20 Million.

The efforts and exploits of Christopher Manavi in the SEO industry cannot go unnoticed, with Mark Cuban regarding him as “one of the best creative minds in tech today”. While the news of the sale has come has a somewhat surprise to many in the industry, Christopher has reiterated his desire to remain in the online marketing industry, however, working in a different capacity.

Christopher Manavi began his journey to the world of SEO at the age of 20 while attending UC Berkeley. His decision to make some money off the internet while in school led to Christopher teaching himself SEO and quickly becoming a leader in the industry.

Christopher’s discovery of PageRank and how to apply it to help sites rise quickly in the search engine algorithm helped to increase his popularity in the SEO industry. He is also reputed for setting the standard for what is now known as exact match domains.

Christopher Manavi’s inspiration to somewhat spearhead the concept of online reputation management came from the realization that critics, competitors, and detractors could rank websites that are managing to a particular business. This inspiration came way ahead of time but this did not hinder Christopher from positioning himself and his company in a space he described as online reputation management.

Online reputation management quickly became a major industry in the world of digital marketing, worth an estimated billion dollars yearly with thousands of companies across the globe operating in the space.

In addition to somewhat creating the online reputation management space, Christopher Manavi has also created other companies that have revolutionized digital marketing. Such companies include Manavi Capital Group, Reputation Services Inc., and New Wave Digital Co., all of them being members of the Christopher Manavi Companies family.

One of the many achievements from the techpreneur is helping Pinger become the most downloaded application in the alternative texting & calling market.

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