Piece X Piece Releases New Album Plasticity Available on iTunes and Google Play

With the influx in recent music trends, it seems the aura and essence of the true 90’s era has all but disappeared. Great bands that set their mark on those times and established themselves as legends have all but disappeared.

In these trialing times, one can only hope for a band that callback to that wondrous and adventurous age of music – and Piece X Piece brings just that.

A new 3-member band, Piece X Piece is a group of talented individuals from the Bay Area. With a drummer, singer and rapper in their ranks, they bring a diverse flavor and touch of an all new music genre. In their attempt to rekindle the fire for the passion and spirit of the 90’s their major musical focus is alternative rock, complemented with a hint of hip-hop and a dash of pop.

This unique style not only allows them to re-create the musical aura of the 90’s but also re-brand it for a new generation to not only influence them but also spark the creative process of minds such as their own – in an attempt to create a musical revolution quite unlike anything one would have seen before.

Their writing will hit close to home for many – as it is primarily focused on the difficulties and hardships of life, with music as a blank palette ready to be filled up with raw emotion, experiences and pleasure. However, their songs are not just about negative life experiences – as their music definitely blends in positive vibes and happiness too, creating a perfect alternating vibe. The members of the group are Matt Davis, Francisco Hernandez and Trinidad (TJ) Sanchez aka TJ Smackz.

The band, despite being new, has gained a lot of traction and a fan following as a result of the massive demand for 90’s era music. As fans of the time eagerly await to listen to more of their work – their first album is already making massive sales and is available on iTunes and Google Play, and is easily found under the title  “Plasticity”.

About Piece X Piece

A musical band originated from the Bay Area, these young and talented musicians are on the search for the rekindling of 90’s era music. Their struggle is to change modern music trends which many describe as dull, and relight the style and essence of 90’s greatest hits. They combine their modern day knowledge, with the classics to create a hearing experience that is unheard of before. For more information and to enter to win free merchandise, tickets, jerseys, t-shirts or any other Piece X Piece collectibles you can sign up on their page at: http://www.redeyerecordingstudios.com/pxp-sign-up-page

Media Contact
Company Name: Piece X Piece
Contact Person: Johnny Hits
Email: johnny728@yahoo.com
City: San Jose
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.redeyerecordingstudios.com/pxp-sign-up-page