Eaglenet – A New Internet Service Provider is Coming to Denver, CO

It’s final,” Mike Rodney, CEO of Eaglenet, begins the lunch meeting with the press. “We’ve done the reviews. Now, it’s time to step in.”

“Type in ‘internet service provider in Denver’ on Google and you’re sure to get over twenty internet providers, each promising fast internet in Denver. Where does one even start in trying to decide whom to get? That’s why Eaglenet decided to develop a review website. We wanted to do the heavy-lifting for all our Denver subscribers,” Rodney explained. “Just for 2017 alone, we reviewed more than 23 ISP’s in Denver. We absolutely know what the subscribers want. We have what it takes. We’re ready,” Rodney excitedly exclaimed. And we aren’t even halfway done with our salads yet.

Eaglenet has been testing and reviewing ISP’s for different cities since 2010. Eaglenet’s sites would offer full-spectrum and objective comparisons between internet service providers highlighting on upload/download speeds, price, plan types, and customer service. With the help of http://bestinternetdenver.com/ by Eaglenet, one can learn both the advantages and disadvantages of each ISP in Denver. And today, Rodney breaks the ice by announcing that Eaglenet is gearing up, from once testing and reviewing the best in Denver, to actually becoming one – an internet service provider in Denver.

What types of connections can Eaglenet deliver? “Definitely Cable and DSL. We’re not going to go into Satellite, given its low reliability and high latency. Satellite is not really as cost-efficient as the first two. Cable and DSL will have good upload and download speeds, but of course, as with everything, they will both have advantages and disadvantages for every customer type. The goal is to be able to bring the best plan to the right subscriber,” Rodney explained.

There are over twenty different ISP companies in Denver alone, do we really need one more? “Over the years, old and new players come and go. Some stay while others don’t. I am confident Team Eaglenet has the will, the people, the equipment, and the know-how, not only to outlast any other ISP in Denver but to actually lead the others into bringing genuinely fast internet and unparalleled customer service to Denver,” Rodney answered.

“Eaglenet surveyed thousands of Denver residents from over 20 cable companies. We have a very solid grasp of ISP benchmarks in Denver and, more importantly, we have studied what Denver subscribers are looking for in their ISP of choice,” Rodney tells us. Eaglenet High-Speed Internet is targeted to be up and running by the last quarter of 2017. “We will begin by catering solely to Home, Home Office, and Small to Medium Business subscribers in the Denver area. But, hopefully, sooner rather than later, we will be offering plans even to Enterprise scale businesses, as well,” Rodney shares.

“Although, after we have successfully launched the high-speed internet services in Denver late this year, the next immediate step is to extend our offerings to the Arvada, Lakewood, and Englewood areas. This is our goal set for the middle of 2018. Exciting times!” Rodney finishes with a smile.

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Company Name: Eaglenet
Contact Person: Mike Rodney
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Phone: 720-575-1760
Address:999 18th Street, Suite 2450
City: Denver
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