LaTop10: Reviewing Products Now for Italy and Soon the World

The world as we know it today is filled to the brim with innovations all designed to make everybody’s life as convenient as possible. Add to that, the great ideas evolve continuously, with one product manufacturer coming out with more improved features than the last. This makes investing in any new product more difficult. The choices are as endless as the evolution of technology. And this makes shopping a nightmare, sometimes. “Non avere paura,” LaTOP10 is here!

In an interview with Giovanni Lori, CEO and owner of LaTOP10, he shared: “We have, very recently in August, launched an Italian website where we offer reviews of top new products in the market. There is not a lot of useful or informative material about products that people typically buy online in the Italian market, and this is why we wanted to be among the first to aid consumers in their efforts of finding the best products.”

Armed with a team of technology-savvy product experts, Lori and LaTOP10 developed an online site that showcases top new products available, complete with qualified and very helpful reviews that aim to make shopping a more fruitful experience for every customer. It is a reality that with the tons of products in the market nowadays, it is very easy to fall into the trap of just getting something cheap and within your arm’s reach, but then end up being disappointed with the product’s performance.  “Who would want to spend hard-earned money on a product that ends up lacking on its promises? There are just too many versions of any one product in the market and we want to make sure our Italian consumers will only end up with the best for them,” Lori elaborates.

If you visit the website now, you will see new innovations ranging from electronic cigarettes and pulsed light epilators to 3D pens and electric burner ovens. How about a robot vacuum cleaner? Yes, you read that right. LaTOP10 lists the top ten brands for each product category and provides credible reviews on each — making shopping fun and, more importantly, easy. Here, you will find product features, advantages, and benefits, price points, where to buy, etc. They also present a comparison of every product’s pros vs. cons.

And LaTOP10 is not about ready to stop there. “If we see our Italian website actually helping consumers in making purchase decisions online, an English version of the site is definitely in the pipeline, targeting the US and UK markets, hopefully before the first quarter of 2018,” Lori assures. “Leading the online shopping industry with helpful reviews to help all consumers in making informed buying decisions is the main goal for the team. That, and of course, to go global with it,” Lori further shares.

LaTOP10’s vision is to bring its simple motto to all possible markets: first, Italy, next, the world: “Leggi un articolo online, decidi con criterio, effettua l’acquisto e… rilassati.”  which means “Read an online article, make an informed decision, buy… and relax.”

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