Lawyer Stefan Coleman Heads Payback Website to Upend Telemarketers

Lawyer Stefan Coleman created Payback website to help consumers get even with telemarketers. The Payback website is an improvement to the do not call complaint form since lawyer Stefan Coleman actually tracks down the telemarketer and in some cases makes the telemarketer pay the consumer up to $500 per call for their annoying calls.

Lawyer Stefan Coleman continues to innovate within the legal space by creating where consumers can report unwanted calls from telemarketers.  The site differs from the FCC’s Do Not Call form, since lawyer Stefan Coleman actually tracks down the telemarketer for the consumer using the same technology the police use and files a claim for the consumer claiming $500 per call from the telemarketer.

Lawyer Stefan Coleman has helped thousands of consumers stop unwanted telemarketers.  In addition, he has helped thousands recover hundreds of dollars from telemarketers as payback against the telemarketers for their calls.  

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How Does Work

The Law Offices of Stefan Coleman has a dedicated team of professionals to research and respond to every complaint a consumer reports on  Coleman noted “We wanted to think outside the box and give consumers the most value, so the firm hired a team of professionals to research and track down the telemarketers. We go the extra mile and actually use technology that the police would use to track down these telemarketers.”  Payback actually goes a step beyond as well and actually files a claim against the telemarketer to help the consumer recover up to $500 per call from the telemarketer.

What type of professionals do they employ?

Lawyer Stefan Coleman hired a team of professionals to research, investigate, and in some cases sue the telemarketers who are spamming consumers.  The team is made up of a research team, an ex-telemarketer, and a team of paralegals and lawyers who use the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to enforce the consumer’s right to be left alone from telemarketers.  The paralegal and lawyer team file complaints against the telemarketer that definitely get their attention.

How do they get paid?

The best part of it all is that myPayback does not charge the consumer.  Rather, if they recover money from the telemarketer only then are they paid. Lawyer Stefan Coleman noted “If our team doesn’t help the consumer recover money from the telemarketer, then our service is free.  We are only paid if and when the consumers is paid.”

Tips on Stopping a Telemarketer

Although MyPayback has their own proprietary tools to track down telemarketers, there are several things a consumer can do to aid the Payback team.  First of all, by answering the unwanted calls and finding out as much as you can about who is calling and what they are promoting is the most valuable information you can provide.  Also, try to take note of whether the calls started out with a live operator or whether it was a pre-recorded message or some sort of automated pickup.  The laws are more strict with pre-recorded and auto-dialed calls so that is important information.

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