ORCA Drone Promoted as the World’s First AI Drone

FLiFLi’s New Drone Offers a Full Detailed Display Feature

September 11, 2017 – FLiFLi has introduced the world’s first AI drone. The ORCA is a distinct drone model that is currently being supported through an Indiegogo campaign.

The drone as an artificial intelligence unit that is fully interactive and easy to control. It is a voice-commanded unit which has a 360-degree augmented reality setup that includes an intelligent HUD screen.

This works through a particular set of eyewear that displays information on the drone’s location, its camera image, and control features. It recognizes the user’s voice and responds to commands that the user sends to it. The user can command ORCA to go to a certain spot or to return to its base. The user could even have it increase or decrease its altitude depending on the flight needs one is trying to utilize.

Real time information on one’s location, altitude, velocity and other points is included in the drone control system. This lets the user see everything that ORCA can spot.

The HUD offers a three-part view that lists information on every technical aspect surrounding ORCA. It even switches to a landing mode when necessary to help guide the landing process to ensure the drone gets down evenly without any bumps or other rough issues.

An online connection system is also included here. The unit uses a management server connection and voice recognition database that links to various online connections. This makes it easier for people to get all sorts of great connections running the right way. The ability to control a drone is strong as it can be controlled through one’s mobile device with a proper app.

It all operates with a battery that lets the drone fly for up to 30 minutes on a charge. This is one of the most powerful batteries in the drone industry. The fast ascent speed of 5 m/s especially adds a strong setup that is easy to use.

FLiFLi is currently offering this through an Indiegogo campaign. For $499, a person can get the ORCA drone with a charger and battery. This is a $1,299 value that is only available through the Indiegogo campaign.

For more information, visit: www.myflifli.com

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