Phrenimos – Executive & Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Organisations

Phrenimos, a management consulting and leadership coaching firm, founded by Mr. Deepak Sawhney launched its new digital presence offering better accessibility on the web to all those who want to transform their personal & professional lives.

Mr. Deepak Sawhney, a leadership coach, knows the value of communication and hence, took this initiative to reach out to people and help them with their need of unlocking their potential. With the understanding that the current era is highly technology driven, the firm’s website is technologically advanced, reader friendly, device responsive and equipped with all necessary information related to an individual or corporation’s growth.

A dedicated team of social media management (SMM) experts would be now handling the company’s various social media platforms. The social media will ensure that there is connectivity with the world and with those who need any assistance.

It is also the company’s endeavour to highlight current news and updates in the field of coaching and leadership training. People can expect to receive a quick response as the firm has a very proactive working environment.

The company comprises a team of Coaches whose aim is to assist you in charting out your path to self-improvement and success. They do this by helping the individual to understand his potential, assess his performance & personality and then gain new perspectives. In doing so, the company helps people attain clarity of vision, purpose, goals.

In his lifetime a person goes through different spheres of life. During different phases, he often needs external help to listen to his problems, help him understand his potentials and the roadblocks to success, and focus to chart out a path of upward progression. Coaching helps in achieving this clarity leading to self-improvement and goal attainment.

It was Mr. Deepak’s drive to assist an individual, executives and even organizations for personal growth and development.

For an individual, issues such as personal growth, job security, and advancement in his field of work can affect the confidence levels. Some understand these problems and seek the help of leadership coaches who assist in self-reflection and gaining his confidence back. The firm uses a specialised program named FIRST to assist such individuals.

Executives are often faced with the dilemma of leading their juniors to a new level of growth or even manage their teams such that work is carried out in the best possible manner. A good coach can help in identifying the weaknesses in the team or in tackling issues. He also then guides on how to affect paradigm shifting, work collaboratively and focus on professional success. The PRIDE model is designed especially to suit and assist executives with their matters.

For an organization, besides team management at large scale levels, it is a challenge to enhance the leadership skills, and increase & sustain commitment among senior-level executives. These intricacies can be solved with the help of leadership coaches. DEER program is formulated for assisting corporations.

Trust and Confidentiality are important principals that are followed in this organization. As a management consulting firm, Phrenimos understands that when a person seeks the help he puts his trust on the coach, and it should not be broken.

The company offer services such as enhancement in Soft Skills, Improved Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Coaching for career development and growth, Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs, and much more. Phrenimos is solidly built by Executive Leadership Coaching Providers that help you realize your business ideas and achieve them with soft skills such as effective communication skills.

The organization wanted to reflect its core philosophy – working on the inside (the mindset) and striking a note on the outside – in the company’s name. This led them to Phrenimos, a combination of the Greek word phronimos and the biological term phrenic nerve. The interplay of these words reflects what a coach – that is, working on the mindsets of people to help with the outward behaviour and thinking.

Mr. Deepak Sawhney with the help of his management consulting team and leadership coaching firm, Phrenimos wants to make it easy for people to transform the personal as well as professional life. Hence this step was taken with the overall objective of helping individuals reflect, focus, build paths, structure their purpose in life and attain the best of their potential. 

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