BuiltBite App Introduced For All Food Fans

Take Pictures to Find Other Foods In One’s Area

San Pedro, CA – September 11, 2017 – BuiltBite is an intriguing new application for mobile devices that offers a distinct setup. It is a program where a user can take a photo of one’s meal and compare it with other meals from different locations. These include foods that are the same as what people in a local area are eating.

The appealing setup that BuiltBite has to offer is unique and distinct. This works as the app will review many features of the food relating to what one is eating. This is an attractive design that is fascinating and worth looking into.

This is all part of the BuiltBite website, a page that offers information on superfoods. It has details on numerous foods and what health features they have to offer. The details around the site are very useful and appealing for anyone’s health.

The new app that BuiltBite has designed reads many of the different superfoods that people consume. It identifies different foods and makes it easy for them to enjoy great foods. The appealing designs that BuiltBite offers are unique and distinct as they help people learn about many foods that are of value to them.

The exciting aspect of the BuiltBite site is that it focuses heavily on the appealing nature of enjoying foods with others. People could enjoy eating a variety of great foods with others who have the same interests. This adds to the fun social value that comes with enjoying a nice meal.

Additional information can be loaded from BuiltBite on all sorts of points relating to enjoying a good meal. With BuiltBite, it becomes easy for people to enjoy fine foods that are worthwhile and attractive in many forms. Points on the healthy aspects of foods could certainly be worth looking into.

The BuiltBite website is available at www.builtbite.com. The site offers this great program with a simple and unique layout that is appealing and worth looking into for anyone who has a desire for appealing foods. The design of the program is important to look at for how it makes it easier for people to enjoy all sorts of great foods.

The App will be available for Download On Android app and Apple app In the next 45 days.

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Company Name: BuiltBite
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