Sue Kessler Launches Project Misadventures of Being Single And Seeks Funding For The Through Kickstarter Campaign

Sue Kessler, writer, actor and creator of short and full-length feature films, has announced that she and her team have launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding her project Misadventures of Being Single. It is a romantic comedy indie short film about the mishaps of dating of the main character and the unexpected twists and turns of a blind date.

“I prefer writing stories that people can connect with and love collaborating with other artists to create the best and most relevant content,” says Sue Kessler outlining the details of her project. “Kristen A. Ferraro, an acclaimed and successful matchmaker is the coordinator of this project. We are hopeful of raising the required funds for this project so that it can be completed within the decided deadline and can be released for public viewing.”

The movie traces the comedic journey of Jess who has come back to the dating scene after the breakup of a long term relationship. She meets her matchmaker cousin Kristen but things do not really go the right way and there is more confusion and chaos. The book reveals a number of unexpected twists that often catches Jess off-guard but these twists also boosts her luck and gives her new hope in her love life.

This hysterical indie short movie has all the elements needed to take the audience through the amazing collage of experiences that dating provides. Sue Kessler brings forth the relational experiences of the dating journey in its real sense.

Sue plays the character of Jess in the movie. She started writing the movie to break the writers block she was suffering from her book. She is handling many projects and is trying hard to take this crowdfunding effort to success so that this movie can get off the block.

The producer of the movie is Joe Grant who has over two years of screen acting experience and has done a few productions including background work, supporting roles in short and feature length films and the lead in a TV PSA. In the Misadventures of Being Single, he plays the character of Shannon.

Kristen Anne Ferraro is an actress with many years of stage, film and television experience. She is also a matchmaker of repute with a brilliant record of many successful marriages and zero divorces.

Peyton Michelle Edwards is Hayden in the movie. She has been part of over 20 movie projects and has played lead and supporting roles in many movies.

Hunter Parker is a born storyteller and is an amazing bag of talent. She does everything from directing to teaching and lots more. She has also performed on stage and is keen to return to movies with Misadventures of Being Single.

The other key casts of the movie are Jonathan Noury-Elliard and Stacey Frizzell.

The team is aiming to raise $5,500 through their Kickstarter campaign which has a deadline of 17 September, 2017. You can support their Kickstarter project and recieve rewards for your contributions.

About Misadventures of Being Single:

Misadventures of Being Single is an effort by writer/actor Sue Kessler to create a movie – a romantic comedy indie short film about the mishaps of dating. It has an impressive star cast of experienced and specialist actors.

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