Kickstarter Campaign By Chris Dingle Aims To Raise Funds For AIKA Smart Insoles For Toddlers Project

Chris Dingle turns to Kickstarter to start funding campaign for his project, AIKA Smart Insoles for Toddlers.

Chris Dingle, a consumer electronics expert with exposure to the best companies in the industry, has announced that his fundraiser campaign is now live on Kickstarter for AIKA Smart Insoles for Toddlers project. The Smart Insoles is a great way to keep kids within sight. It makes use of Bluetooth technology to they create a perimeter for tracking kids.

“I am happy to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for funding of AIKA Smart Soles for Toddlers is underway now,” says Chris Dingle. “I have many years of producing and shipping a wide range of products for Fortune 500 companies. I guarantee my customers a high quality product that is durable and easy to use.”

The AIKA Smart Insole is driven by Bluetooth technology. When the kids exceed the Bluetooth Classic range is exceeded, parents will receive a notification on their smartphone. The module then immediately looks to re-sync/pair with the user’s smartphone, till a connection is established.

The working of the AIKA Smart Insole is very simple. Users have to sync the AIKA Insole with the AIKA app on their smartphone. They then have to remove the original insole of the toddler and insert the AIKA Smart Insoles into the shoes. When the toddler goes beyond the 30 meter perimeter, the smartphone app will be notified. The parent or guardian of the toddler will come to know instantly that the child has crossed the 30 meter boundary and could be at risk.

According to Chris Dingle, the AIKA Smart Insoles was invented to help parents take better care of their kids by keeping them within their vision and range. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that up to 700 children get abducted every day in the United States. This invention can reduce the risk of children getting abducted significantly as they will be under the watchful eyes of their parents for almost all the time while enjoying their time in the mall, amusement park or anywhere outdoors.

The AIKA Smart Insoles are easy to install and easier to use. Users just have to sync it with their Smartphone and place the insole inside the shoe of the kid. The inventor’s immense experience in the consumer electronics industry has certainly come handy in developing a device that’s highly valuable to parents, guardians and of course, toddlers.

While they have got a great design in place with the ALKA Smart Insoles, Chris Dingle and his team now have to take the next step and that is tooling for production and buying quality components. The risk element of the project is raising finances in a timely manner so that the product can be mass produced and launched quickly.

Chris Dingle has a financial goal of $200,000 from his Kickstarter fundraiser campaign. The deadline for the fundraiser campaign is 14 September, 2017.

About AIKA Smart Insoles for Toddlers:

AIKA Smart Insoles for Toddlers is an invention by Chris Dingle designed to keep toddlers within sight of parents/guardians. The AIKA Smart Insoles for Toddlers makes use of Bluetooth to create perimeter within which the kids are safe. Once they move out of the 30 meter perimeter, the smartphone app will be notified.

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