PlayVM, LLC Takes To Kickstarter For Funding Their Video Montage Book, Hello World

Kenneth Katuin of PlayVM, LLC starts a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for their video montage book, Hello World.

PlayVM, the company known for creating great video montages, has announced the launch of their campaign on Kickstarter for funding their latest video montage book, Hello World. The author and spokesperson of Hello World is an avatar called Blunt Honest created by PlayVM to take readers through an amazing adventure.

“The video montage Hello World that we have created will have a time capsule that is inspired by Voyager Golden Record of NASA,” says Kenneth Katuin for PlayVM. “It is a time capsule that will capture the current state of our planet. Hello World is in the form of a traditional print book, enhanced with links to video montages that people can watch on any device that has access to YouTube.”

Video montages are a collection of videos uniquely arranged to create a feeling of watching a movie. Kenneth Katuin watched over 40,000 videos during the course of research for Hello World and chose the best videos from across the world to create the montages for the book. The videos that readers can access through links have been chosen for the creative endeavors of more than a billion people from every country on Earth.

The links that are provided in the video montages is in fact, a collection of videos on YouTube. Each video montage has around 25 to 70 videos. By clicking the “PLAY ALL” button or link in YouTube, users can view all the videos in the montage. The “Life” montage in the book shows the effects of climate change and will encourages people to come together and try to resolve this issue.

According to Kenneth Katuin, Hello World helps readers appreciate the amazing things about our Earth, while simultaneously acknowledging that there are problems to address and solutions to consider for improving our world. Hello World covers important global issues and expresses concern for the environment and compassion for people and animals.

For Kenneth Katuin, this was a very challenging project as he had to try and figure out how to capture the essence of the Earth and important aspects of humanity and also ensure that this was achieved within the pages of a new genre of book. According to him, Hello World is like a mirror that displays various aspects of the planet Earth and reveals some surprising things about ourselves. He is hoping that the Kickstarter campaign will not only bring in the requisite funds but also start a spark that could go on to become a flame of inspiration for bringing about positive changes in the world.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will aim to raise $5,000 for meeting various processes of the Hello World project. The deadline for funding is 19 October, 2017.

About Hello World:

Hello World is a creative initiative by Kenneth Katuin of PlayVM, LLC. It is a video montage book inspired by NASA’s Voyager Golden Record. It will try and create a time capsule of various incidents and happenings on the Earth and will showcase the current state of the planet.

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