ONED Co. Ltd Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Their Project MAJEXTAND

ONED Co. Ltd seeks funding on Indiegogo for manufacturing of MAJEXTAND, the world’s thinnest, handiest laptop stand on the go.

ONED Co. Ltd, the company founded and owned by Jerry Kuo has announced that they are using the Indiegogo platform to seek funding for making MAJEXTAND, the thinnest, handiest laptop stand. It has been specifically designed to help people maintain healthy postures.

“With laptops becoming remarkably lighter over the years, we have been using them in postures that badly affect our cervical spines in the long term,” says Jerry Kuo. “Laptop users are troubled by pain in the neck, shoulder and back because of the way they use these devices. We have introduced this unique laptop stand to provide users relief from these painful conditions.”

According to Jerry Kuo, there are portable laptop stands available on the market but most of them are too bulky to carry along with the laptop. Many times, people forget to carry the stand along with their laptop. Without the right stand, pain is an inevitable thing that most laptop users have to suffer.

The MAJEXTAND comes with a host of features. It allows users to lift their MacBook by one finger quickly. The stand comes with 10 adjustable elevations so that users can get into their laptop into the most convenient position and angle according to their personal preferences. The stand is ideal for use with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse also.

MAJEXTAND is designed for broader use, anywhere and anytime. It can be used in the library, on the train, while working outdoors, in the coffee shop, and a host of other places. The creatively designed laptop stand comes with many other unique features as well.

MAJEXTAND is 1.5 mm thick and weighs just 116 grams. It offers 10 elevations and is easy to install and remove. The laptop stand has 10 kg load bearing capacity and is 100% metal. Aluminum and steel are used in its construction. It also comes with a cooling function.

The company has already completed the tough and challenging sampling and tooling processes, thanks to the amazing efforts put in by their remarkable team of designers and engineers. The stand has been tested stringently with a 10 kg iron weight and also optimized with meticulous specification and quality management.

Jerry Kuo mentions that they have applied for patents on the design of MAJEXTAND and have also applied for a trademark on the same name. The company has a production capacity of 10,000 units per month at present. If the funding goal is achieved on Kickstarter, the company can place a larger order for raw materials and commence mass production. With their 20 plus years of experience in this industry and their unmatched manufacturing expertise and technical know-how, ONED Co. Ltd is fully prepared of meeting all the risks and challenges associated with this project.

The company is aiming to raise a fixed financial goal of $75,000 through their Kickstarter campaign. You can support their project and make a contribution to receive rewards being offered. 


MAJEXTAND by ONED Co. Ltd is the thinnest, handiest laptop stand on the go. It is the brainchild of founder Jerry Kuo and has been invented to help people maintain the right cervical and spinal postures while carrying their MacBook on the go. It comes with a string of high value features.

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