VVToken Announces ICO to Make Electronic Financial Services More Accessible and Affordable

New CyberBank™ cryptocurrency-linked debit card will enable 79 million unbanked and underbanked adults in the USA to access electronic payment services; international offering to follow in early 2018

VVToken (VV), today announced it will open an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on October 1, 2017 to fund the final development and launch of its new blockchain consumer finance platform, CyberBank™. VVToken  (VV) will initially introduce two technology-based CyberBank™ products that will revolutionize electronic connectivity between fiat and cyber currencies.  VVToken (VV) aims to raise up to 30 million in a token sale to deploy a platform offering payment security and mobile affordability that utilizes the security and reliability of the blockchain while delivering financial appreciation to the cardholder. For detailed information on VVToken’s and its ICO, visit www.VVTokens.com and read the company’s white paper here.


VVToken (VV) CEO Dr. RJ Gosselin said, “Our CyberBank™ Platinum Debit Card, targeted to people without a bank account, will be accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted, and will automatically link to the CyberBank™ Wallet, an app linking CyberBank™ products to the user’s smartphone. The CyberBank™ Black Card, a feature-rich cryptocurrency debit card targeted to high-net-worth individuals, is designed to be one of the most coveted cards available, and will enable holders to switch currencies using VVChain™, VVToken’s blockchain.

Lucas Sodre, VVToken (VV) CTO believes in this: “VVToken (VV) is bringing cryptocurrency benefits to regular people, our Smart Invest™ algorithm is giving the opportunity to anyone have their assets appreciated, even for those who don’t know what a cryptocurrency is”.


VVToken (VV) will use the ICO funds to fund the final development and launch of its new blockchain consumer finance platform, CyberBank™.  The goal is to raise the equivalent of USD$30 million in ETH by selling 1,500,000,000 VVTokens; which will will determine the exchange rate set immediately before deploying the contract. Following the ICO, the value of VVTokens to ETH will float according to the market. There is no plan to have a follow-on offering. For more information on the details of the ICO, click here.

Please call (617) 843-4273 for more information.

Media Contact
Company Name: VVToken
Contact Person: Lucas Sodre Chief Technology Officer
Email: communications@vvtokens.com
Phone: +1 (617) 843-4273
Address:#1 Mapp street
City: Belize City
Country: Belize
Website: http://www.vvtokens.com