Illness Can Be the Cure: The Listener Provides Insight into What Illness Can Teach People about Their Health

Dallas, Texas – September 11, 2017 – A majority of medical doctors seek physical causes when diagnosing an illness. Their aim is to educate their patients about tangible reasons for each health challenge. Anne ‘The Listener’ Redelfs takes a different approach. A retired medical doctor with training in pediatrics and psychiatry, she uses her professional and personal experiences to propagate the idea that illness is a means by which people’s souls communicate with them.

In her new book, Illness Can Be The Cure, Anne reveals some of the common soul messages in familiar ailments. She explains that most people have endured many traumas that have hindered the development of their hearts and minds. Each physical symptom imparts what improvement the psychological body or soul is requesting to further their developmental journeys. The unique perspective Anne presents through her book is an evolutionary step beyond conventional medicine. For deep and lasting health, she suggests treating not just physical bodies, but psychological bodies as well.

The purpose behind writing this book is to inform readers of how they can take action to improve their overall well-being. They don’t have to rely entirely on their doctors to tell them what is wrong and what to do about it. By discovering what their very own souls are communicating to them, they can be powerful participants in the healing process. This book is ideal for those suffering from an illness who are ready to work on themselves to bring about constructive change.

Anne goes into great detail to enlighten people to their enormous capacity as mature human beings. The more they understand this capacity, the more they might be willing to exert effort into developing themselves and each other. This soul development will not only improve one’s health but will ultimately enhance every aspect of their society. This is the hopeful message that she wishes to share through her book.

Anne Redelfs, MD, started “listening” during her pediatrics residency, where she was taught to assess children with regard to their development. Switching to psychiatry, she continued her developmental perspective, perceiving stunted development in the “mentally ill.” She grew to hear each soul’s call for growth in every symptom, whether physical or psychological. Known as ‘The Listener,’ Anne gives private consultations in addition to her writing and public speaking careers. She also spreads her message through her website,

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