Man launches fundraiser to provide 5000 New Year gifts for Kosovo kids

Predrag Ristic has launched a crowd funding campaign on to raise money for buying 5000 New Year gifts for children in Kosovo. The goal of the fundraiser is to collect $25000 which will be used to purchase gifts for the under privileged children of the newly formed and very poor country in Europe. So far, the campaign has received good response from the backers yet there is a long way to go.

Kosovo is the newest country in Europe that gained independence in 2008. Serbian community – population of about 150,000 people, is one of the largest ethnic minority group in Kosovo. By the end of the 19th century, they were a minority population but after the war, only 150,000 remained. The Serbians live in only 10 municipalities in Kosovo in very bad conditions. The Kids in Kosovo face a number of problems and devoid of their basic human rights. They don’t have freedom of speech and in 90% of the places in Kosovo, they can’t speak Serbian (their mother language). Even the police don’t recognize their Serbian IDs, passports or driving license. The education system consists of unqualified staff and basic human rights are not respected. This fundraiser is to bring a hope and little happiness to the children living in such situations in the country. Th gifts will include snacks,  chocolates, drinks that’ll be distributed in the interval of 20 to 30 December this year.

Predrag invites and urges the most mass support his campaign that is aimed to bring a smile on the faces of the children of Kosovo. “Every donation, no matter how small counts. The success of this campaign will ensure that we’re able to buy gifts for the children in my country and bring happiness to them”, says Predrag in his statement.  Once the campaign is completed, all the backers will be provided with pictures and videos from the manifestations. The donors will also get scanned invoices so that they know where the money is going.

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