SpacerX – Dome Survivals: Action-packed Survival Sandbox Game on Kickstarter

SpacerX – Dome Survivals is a wonderful, action packed survival and sandbox game. The idea is that you and your friends can play with one another, establish a base and also eliminate many of the monsters that want to attack you. By playing SpacerX – Dome Survivals, you and other people get stranded in a foreign world, and you have to adapt as well as live there, while also dealing with any disadvantages that come from that.

There are lots of extreme locations to explore in SpacerX – Dome Survivals, but there are no restrictions. You do have to survive as much as you can, yet at the same time, you can be whoever you want in the game. You can either be an explorer, an engineer, a warrior and so on. There are no clearly defined paths you can follow, so you get to create your own and be whatever you want in the game.

As for the wildlife, you do have some creatures similar to the ones on Earth. But you also have other creatures that are new and which can end up putting a lot of fight as they try to protect their habitat. Yes, exploring this huge game world is not going to be easy, and dealing with these creatures is one of the problems that you will have to face, whether you want that or not.

You will be able to craft, store and use equipment as you see fit. There are lots of materials in the world, and you will have to acquire as many of them as you can. The problem is that enemies will attack you rather often, so your primary focus is on paying attention to the surroundings, all while getting the resources you want.

Then you have the weather changes, which are pretty interesting and downright daunting most of the time. There are different domes here, and each one has a different climate. This will affect the nature, wildlife, and even your character. There are some notions like assistants, animals, and poisons that you will get used to as you go along. It is worth it, and it goes to show the great attention to detail and quality put into the game.

As you play SpacerX – Dome Survivals, you will know that there is a clear support for development most of the time. But you can also be an explorer and focus less on base development if you want. The way you approach something like this is all up to you, and you are free to pick which are the best approaches and ideas that you will find here.


The game is complex, and in many ways, it’s just like the real world, but it still has that scary feeling of being in space and doing whatever you can to survive. The multiplayer is focused on cooperation mostly, although you will end up attacking other groups to stay alive too.


If you love strategy, survival and multiplayer games, then SpacerX – Dome Survivals is the one game that you don’t want to miss. SpacerX – Dome Survivals is set to release in January 2018, and you can support it right now on Kickstarter

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