Rugged Smartphone Manufacturer Rugged Tech Launched Charity Campaign to Fund Education for the Underprivileged

Rugged Tech, a rugged Smartphone and tablet manufacturer from China, recently launched a charity campaign to help underprivileged children continue studying.

Rugged Tech, a leading manufacturer of rugged Smartphone/tablet, recently decided to pay back to the community. The company launched a charity campaign which is aimed at funding education for the underprivileged children who want to continue their studies. In August this year, Holiday Song, the CEO of the company visited Boxiang village in Sichuan province. The company, which launched a similar campaign in the past year to support the education for thirty children, will now donate 50 cents to the cause for each Smartphone or tablet sold.

One of the chief executives of Rugged Tech said that the Boxiang Village, which is one of the remotest villages in Sichuan province, is a 5 hours bus-journey from Leshan, the nearest city. “Due to the sheer scarcity of natural resources, most of the villagers can’t make ends meet, let alone bearing the education cost for their children. Such is the economic condition of the villagers that most of them earn less than $2 every day. However, education and employment can still change things for the better”, he told the press.

According to the executive, there are now more than two hundred children aged below 12 whose parents are struggling to pay for the basic education. “We were quite shocked to know about the plight of the villagers and the charity campaign was launched to donate 50 cents every time someone buys a rugged Smartphone or tablet to a fund which we will use for buying educational materials and building the infrastructure needed to help the children and the families. We believe we can be instrumental in improving the living conditions of the villagers by investing in education – something which pays off large dividends in the long run”, added the executive.

Holiday Song, the CEO of the company said that their organization has a strong and persistent desire to give something back to the community. “We will continue to help poor children and underprivileged people in general. We know many children drop out from school every year due to poor financial condition at home. It’s our mission to reduce the school drop-out rate”, he said while announcing the launch of RuggeT charity activity.

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