First Model Airplane Crafted from Real Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber, The Fiber Glider is now on Kickstarter!

The Fiber Glider is now live on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $35 for the Early Bird Special, The Fiber Glider is truly the first model airplane to use real aircraft grade materials. It is sleek, cleverly designed, and amazingly fun to fly. 

The Fiber Glider is an innovative new design of the classic balsa wood glider. It is manufactured using real aircraft grade carbon fiber, which gives it the strength to last. The carbon fiber allows the plane to be strong without being easily breakable, like balsa wood. It also gives the plane a sleek dynamic look that looks amazing on your desk.

Fiber Glider was designed with a unique stand to show off the aerodynamics of the plane. The Zero-G Stand is designed to look gravity defying by holding the glider by its tail, with the base mimicking the shadow of the plane. The Fiber Glider is not only a great looking decoration piece for your desk, but it can also fly 90 feet in the air.

A clever feature about this model airplane is the brass ballast in the nose of the plane. By moving this brass weight back and forth, it changes the flight pattern of the plane and allows you to launch the plane up, or flat and straight.

Tray Sorensen, Creator of the Fiber Glider, explains: “The location of an aircraft’s Center of Gravity (CG) significantly influences the flight characteristics of any aircraft. If the aircraft is nose heavy it will tend to fly flatter and farther, however a tail heavy plane will tend to pitch up and try to do a loop. That is why I came up with the adjustable counter weight. The weight can be spun to the front of the aircraft to fly flat, or it can be spun to the back to do a loop.”

Manufacturers are ready to start producing the glider. All that’s left is to raise the funds to start production. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise $5000, which will cover the initial costs needed to order materials in bulk to make the Fiber Glider at a reasonable cost.

Supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges that range from $5 to $200 or more.  Each pledge offers a great reward and the Fiber Glider is offered with worldwide shipping. The creator of this project is welcoming everyone to help him in raising funds for the mass production of this remarkable creation.

About Fiber Glider

Fiber Glider is a model airplane that has been created with the real aircraft grade carbon fiber and can actually fly in the air while also serving as a decorative souvenir on your desk. The creator of this project is welcoming everyone to help him in raising funds for the mass production of this remarkable creation.


Material: Carbon Fiber and Brass

Weight: 0.77oz

Wing Span: 10in

Length: 6.25in

Height: 1.6in

Launch Method: Rubber Band

Range: 90+ feet

Facebook: @fiberglider

Twitter: @SorensenTray

Media Contact
Company Name: The Fiber Glider
Contact Person: Tray Sorensen
Country: United States