The Global Covert Control and Assassination of Private Citizens By Bridget S. Howe

Silent Holocaust: The Global Covert Control and Assassination of Private Citizens has been recently released in Ebook form available on, Nook, Barns & Noble, Kobie, and Apple Ibooks. The book documents a global phenomina involving the covert,  systematic destruction of the lives of innocent  private citizens. 

“In this country when we think of war we think of the sound of artillery, bombs being dropped and exploding, dead bodies in the streets and blood everywhere, blown out buildings and bomb shelters. That kind of war is ugly and noisy. But there is another kind of war going on in America that is silent but just as deadly. It is a covert war being waged against innocent civilians. It is not as easily perceived as a traditional war, therefore people don’t react with appropriate life sustaining measures.”  So says author Bridget S. Howe, US Army Military Intelligence Veteran, about the war being waged against as many as three million Americans and countless others worldwide.

This covert war involves constant harassment of the person both socially, economically, chemically and by the use of electromagnetic weapons. The testimonies of individual victims, referred to as Targeted Individuals, are included in this book as well as those who have been murdered, died under suspicious circumstances or have been driven to commit suicide.   

The author is comitted to bring this ugly black op to light in spite of constant computer hacking and covet hinderance in completing and publishing the manuscript.  This book is compelling, relavent and a must read.

A review of the book can be found at Pintrest and Twitter.

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