OxyExtensions.de introduces a wide range of clip-in hair extensions at very low prices

12 Sep, 2017 – Hair extensions have remained the favorite choice of modern women and often find a place in every closet. Girls love to look their best while stepping out and to sport a new long hairstyle look, they make use of clip in hair extensions. No wonder, such clip in type of hair extensions are widely used by fashionistas, models and celebrities. Oxy Extensions is a popular company that specializes in selling very reliable and premium quality hair extensions. They have now launched clip in style hair extensions at very affordable rates. Such clip in hair extensions are made with super silky and soft human hair and are offered in several colors to match the natural hair color of the wearer.

The shoppers would be able to find this clip in hair extensions in an array of colors, such as brown, black, blonde and silver. The clip in hair extensions offered by Oxy-Extensions is very durable and strong, which makes it a perfect choice for all types of hairstyles. These hair extensions of clip in style are crafted with flowing hair with uniform direction beginning from the tip to its root. It is designed to flaunt a flat look to cut down several issues while styling hair, such as snagging, knotting and frizzing.

One can choose any type of hair extensions, just by clicking the url of their site at https://www.oxyextensions.de/clip-in-extensions.

They specialize in offering very soft, silky and smooth clip in hair extensions that are long enough for trying various hairstyles and demand very less maintenance. The shoppers will be delighted to find hair extension products of clip in style in different lengths like 81 cm, 50 cm and 38 cm. Their hair extension products have lightweight hairs and the total weight of each extension is 70 grams to prevent heaviness when attached to the natural hair.

When referring to the website at https://www.oxyextensions.de, one would be able to find that the hair extension products are sold as two different range, like the Standard Line and Premium Line range of clip in hair extensions are of premium quality and have dual draw hips, smooth finish and can add immense volume to any hairstyle. The standard Line of hair extensions with clip in style, on the other hand, has 100% Remy hair and is free from tangles and knots. The silky soft hair extensions are designed with 14 clips that feature durable silicone coating to deliver excellent service. The double knitted designs of these hair extensions offer improved hair density to all hairstyles. The profile of the hair extensions has clips placement to hold all 7 parts of the hair in a secure fashion.

About OxyExtensions.de:

OxyExtensions.de specializes in offeringa wide range of clip in hair extensions in several colors like natural black, aschblond, jet black, gold blond, light brown, chestnut brown, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and so on. All the hair extensions with clips are made with human hair and its purity imparts a natural shine to the product.

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