Sell and Stay Now in Sydney

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA – 13 Sep, 2017 – Sell and Stay relocated to Sydney to offer a reverse mortgage program for those willing to retire and live in the region. The business was operating in Melbourne until recently, but the residents of Sydney can now also benefit from its reverse mortgage solutions that let you sell and rent back your property to get additional funds. This kind of program is ideal for elders who want to enjoy financial freedom during the last stages of life.

Paul Sharp, General Manager at Sell and Stay, while talking about the main benefits of this service for retirees said, “We support those who need monetary help. When someone is ready to retire, the change in lifestyle is a definite thing. However, the most elders want to enjoy financial freedom during the twilight years of their life, and typically want to live like how they were living during the employment period.”

Paul added, “Pension plans offer some financial help, but they are not very effective. Those who own a home and feel dissatisfied with their financial plans can call us to sell their homes and rent back privately, and in many cases do not need to pay any tax on the sales price.”

He added, “You can sell your home and liquidate release the equity that you have with your property.  You may be able to receive a lump sum of cash in return, or over payments, which will be enough for supporting your retired life needs. The main advantage with Sell and Stay is that the liquidation of your property value is able to be matched with respect to your ongoing financial needs.”

He further explained that people can avoid an expensive reverse mortgage easily with the Sell and Stay process. We typically enable you to  sell your home for the lump sum price you desire, without the need to relocate immediately.  You can set a long term or short-term lease of the same property with respect to your needs and according to the equity in your home, and the length of time you wish to stay residing in it.

“Our aim is to give simple solutions to the elders of Sydney and Australia. By discussing your financial preferences, we are able to provide you  with multiple options to choose from to enable the sale and lease back of your home. We understand the needs of our clients and so we work in privacy discrete manner. It is the main benefits for why  retirees age can benefit from our approach.”

With the introduction of Sell and Stay in Sydney, those who are of retirement age will be enabled another option to manage their finances through their retirement.  The elders will get the ability to fulfill a bucket list, pay off any pending debts, support the family or receive extra care. Change your financial conditions while remaining secure with your next investment. 

If you are looking for extra monetary support, then you can consider liquidating your assets. Dial 1800 888 366 and unlock the full equity in your home.

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