Beijing Holds 2017 Cultural Confidence Forum

In the afternoon of Sep 12, “Cultural Confidence Forum of 2017 – Chinese Craftsmanship Inheritance and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Development Forum” hosted by Luo Zhewen Fund Management Committee of China Culture Relics Protection Foundation and China Forbidden City Institute and China Architecture and Garden Art Committee was held in the Imperial Ancestral Temple of Beijing City

Li Xiaojie, member of the national committee of CPPCC and the president of China Culture Relics Protection Foundation, and Fan Xiangfu, the general manager of Sichuan Swellfun Co., Ltd., addressed in the forum. Luo Yang, the standing vice chairman of the former party secretary of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association and the director of China Architecture and Garden Art Committee, Jin Hongkui, member of the Ministry of Culture and the director of China Forbidden City Institute, and Yuan Hongqi, former deputy director of the Royal Court Department of the Palace Museum made keynote speeches respectively. Leaders and experts like Chenglu, the president of the Association for Promotion of West China Research and Development, Liu Lanfang, the famous storytelling artist, Liu Kuili, the president of China Folklore Society, Zhang Bo, the original deputy director general of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Ma Pei, the executive vice president of China Arts and Crafts Society, Ma Wenhui, the director of China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, Jin Hongkui, the director of China Forbidden City Institute, Ren Lisong, the director of National Folk Culture Development Center of Ministry of Culture, and Huang Yuan, the vice director and secretary general of Chinese Society of Cultural Relics, etc. attended the forum. The forum was sponsored by Swellfun, the leading liquor brand with the historical inheritance of 600 years.

Li Xiaojie – President of China Culture Relics Protection Foundation

Fan Xiangfu – General Manager of Sichuan Swellfun Co., Ltd.

The relevant experts, scholars and other representatives who come from culture, heritage protection, intangible cultural heritage protection and other fields also attended the forum. The forum was hosted by Zhou Yanping, who is the deputy secretary general of China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art and Qu Yunhua and the secretary general of Garden Art Committee.

Luo Yang – Director of China Architecture and Garden Art Committee

Yuan Hongqi – The Palace Museum Researcher

During the forum, Swellfun told the liquor-making history of over 600 years of Swell Street distillery site through case sharing. And it has reserved the original site and appearance systematically, using the real production scenes to reappear the traditional liquor-making technology of Swellfun liquor with the history of over 600 years, through which to showcase a “live” museum of integrating actual production process and the exhibition in a perfect way. It is identified as a typical example of ancient liquor making and liquor stores, which can be called as “The First Distillery”. It is an unlettered history record of the development of Chinese liquor industry. Nowadays, while Swellfun insists on the inheritance of liquor-making techniques and ancient cellars, it pays more attention to the liquor culture connotation of Chinese cultural spirit form.

Participants of the forum had the exchange and discussion on the two aspects of intangible cultural heritage protection and craftsmanship inheritance by tightly surrounding “Core Values of Cultural Confidence” with the theme of “Adhere to Cultural Confidence and Inherit the Beauty of Craftsmanship”. Leaders and guests spoke out freely and expressed their views, and the forum achieved complete success. Experts and scholars believe that it is the future path of going towards cultural confidence for the development of Chinese excellent traditional culture from the perspective of cultural self-consciousness, while craftsmanship is the source of power of the future development of traditional culture. Promote the innovational development of traditional culture and the vitality of culture is innovation. For making “Creative Transformation and Innovational Development” on excellent traditional culture, it shall pay attention to the following aspects: 1. It shall be lived up at the moment. 2. It shall study the future development target of culture seriously. 3. It shall study new approaches of traditional culture transmission.

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