Alphabet Corner, the Augmented Reality Based 4D Smart Card Learning Kit, Invites Crowd Funding on Indiegogo

Buffalo – September 14, 2017 – A new educational product powered by augmented reality is seeking crowdfunding at Indiegogo. Alphabet Corner is a 4D flash card based alphabet learning system for kids that makes learning alphabets easy and fun. Created by SteamRoll East from Buffalo, USA, the interactive AR technology game aims to help kids learn alphabets with a 3D interface with rich features and a gaming mode included.

Augmented Reality is not merely a technology that can be used in big industries. It also holds tremendous potential for applications in learning and education, as shown by Alphabet Corner. The learning kit comprises 26 Smart 4D Flash Cards that can teach kids English alphabet letters along with pronunciation. The kit comes with a free companion app for Android and iOS, and also features graphics, sounds and animation and other interactive elements.

“Colorful and engaging, Alphabet Corner AR is the fun and interactive way to get your kids learning, strengthening their memory and helping to learn with their own initiative as the process is more fun!” said SteamRoll East.

The augmented reality learning kit is the latest way to introduce kids to a 3D interface, alphabet pronunciation, card games, listening exercises and more. Every card has been designed to make it appeal to kids, with cute animals and the first letter of the animal’s name. The 4D cards used in the kit are waterproof, flexible and use green ink, which is eco-friendly. The cards also feature rounded corners for extra safety.

Among other things, Alphabet Corner allows kids to practice their reading and comprehension skills using a game mode. As a stress free testing system, the AR learning kit thus aims to make education fun. It will also make learning faster and giving an early advantage to kids while entering formal schooling.

“There is no reason to view learning the alphabet as a strict and boring process,” said Steamroll East, “Just as we can enjoy learning in adulthood, kids can also enjoy learning their very first alphabet skills with much fun.”

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below.

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