CannaBIZ Collects – The Nation’s First and Only Cannabis Debt Collection Agency

CannaBIZ Collects is a legal collection company that can help your business get rid of undesired debts.  The firm was founded with over 30 years of commercial collection knowledge and cannabis executive experience. CannaBIZ Collects has some specific industry knowledge that traditional collection agencies lack.  CannaBIZ Collect is the nation’s first cannabis oriented debt collection, consultation, account receivable management and a law firm, all in one.

CannaBIZ Collects has been helping businesses deal with bad-debts.  To understand how it works, imagine that there is one Company-A and they have a client, Company-B.  A and B set up an agreement and A sends the product to B on credit.  Company-B never pays back to Company-A on time and are non-respondent to business communication from Company-A.  If the amount is large enough to be presented in a lawsuit, Company-A has got two choices to handle this bad-debt.  Either hire an attorney and file a lawsuit or hire a collection company.  Hiring an experienced attorney is usually the expensive solution as an attorney’s charges are hourly basedand there will be contingency agreement. This means, the lawyer will get contingency as a fee that can vary anywhere in between 30 to 50 percent of the original claim.

On the other hand, CannaBIZ Collect is free from such defects.  CannaBIZ Collect does not charge their client in the beginning.  You submit your claim and the firm will get to work.  CannaBIZ Collect will only charge a small amount from the claim when the original debt invoice gets credited to your bank.

To give you an idea, CannaBIZ Collect is not composed of a pointless team sending emails and phone calls. The team at CannaBIZ is finely crafted with some debt-collection seasoned attorneys.  There should not be a doubt about their quality as all the attorneys affiliated with this firm are bonded with the National Law List and are members of the Commercial Law League of America. The cannabis collection service has been in the collection industry for the past 30 years.  With the best processes and tricks, the clients are guaranteed of a significantly shorter time frame to get their debts repayed compared to the old litigation procedures.  Over the years, they have been able to acummulate a significant numberof testimonials that prove how effective and efficient their processes are.

Traditional collection companies also provide no collection-no pay promise, but when they fail to collect the debt, the client has to seek attorney help which adds another time frame.  The CannaBIZ team has in-house attorneys, if unfortunately, the traditional collection approach fails, they focus on litigation approach.  The founder of this company, Mr. Ross Gelfand is a JD and an MBA graduate from the year 1981.  His collection agency is responsible for collecting over $550 million in past, Mr. Ross has also represented some major Fortune-500 companies in account receivable and collection laws.  There cannot be a better call than CannaBIZ Collect, contact them today if you have also got a bad-debt.

Media Contact
Company Name: CannaBIZ Collects
Contact Person: Ross Gelfand
Phone: (720) 724-7810
Address:205 Glenridge Close Circle
City: Atlanta
State: GA 30328
Country: United States