Trailer released for Armin Siljkovic\’s Death Waits For No Man

Thriller in the vein of “The Postman Always Rings Twice”

The trailer for upcoming thriller Death Waits for No Man has been released.

The Postman Always Rings Twice meets Drive in writer-director Armin Siljkovic’s neon-doused indie noir-thriller, which early reviews peg “a full-throttle masterpiece; an absolute bulls-eye” and “a good looking and well-acted night at the movies”.

Expected to release late 2017/early 2018, it’s the unnerving and complex chronicle of a neon art collector that seduces a lone drifter into killing her abusive husband.

Black Sails’ Angelique Pretorius headlines a cast that includes Bradley Snedeker, Corey Rieger and Travis Myers.

In a recent interview with Blasting News, Siljkovic said he “wanted to tell a story with characters who appear to be normal, but are anything but normal. Where we get to dig deeper and discover what goes on beneath. And, also, because I love film noir, and film noir is all about that! Noir thrillers are my favorite genre. Great film noirs challenge their audience because they show the unpleasant, darker side of seemingly “normal” people.

I think the most interesting thing about the characters is that none are whom they appear to be on the surface, which is what drives a lot of the plot as well.”

An official release date for “Death Waits for No Man” is expected to be announced shortly.

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