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The biggest hurdle that businesses face is having a steady flow of stock and merchandise. The shipping world is highly unreliable and can at times be quite costly for a business to bring in new merchandise. Shipping costs and logistics do play a very pivotal role in the pricing of commodities and also to the growth curve of a business. Every business is looking for a reliable shipping service that is affordable and strict with timelines to survive and keep their flow of stock alive.

Jackpot Logistics Inc is a shipping and freighting company that deals with cross-border shipping along the Toronto – Chicago lane and promises to give businesses a worry free experience. The company has invested in state of the art and modern eco-friendly trucks to get goods to their customers in time. The company is not only about getting the goods to the customer in time but also while following the strict carbon emission protocols that have been put in place. Also, the more fuel efficient trucks mean that businesses also pay less to have their items delivered.

Jackpot Logistics Inc offers a variety of different services to the growing list of clientele which include LTL shipping, temperature controlled freighting, warehousing and distribution and general freight shipping and services. This allows any business to have a one stop shop for all of their shipping and freighting needs. With the guarantee to work tirelessly and keep the products secure and deliver on time, clients are businesses are assured of a steady flow of merchandise and goods to keep them running. 

For smaller businesses that might not have the capacity to buy enough products to fill a truck, the LTL (Less than Truck Load) service in one that would be of particular benefit to them. With affordable and tailor-made fees, even the small businesses would be able to prosper with such innovative services.

Being able to deliver products on time is just one of the goals that Jackpot Logistics has. It has also adopted a green approach to ensure that it is not only able to stay in businesses but that it stays in business while playing its role in safeguarding the environment. The company has invested in a newer and more reliable fleet of trucks that are more fuel efficient and has also purchased more cost effective equipment like trailers and tractors. The trucks have an aerodynamic design and adhere to the strict emissions protocol.

Adopting a green operations is not only beneficial to Jackpot Logistics but also to every business that would like to play a part in conserving the environment. For further information on the services offered by Jackpot Logistics and how to get in touch, you can visit the website. Through the website, clients can also request for quotes to have a better understanding of how much it would cost to use the freight shipping services offered. There are also different ways of getting in touch with the company to choose from. They have a phone line, email address and through the different social media accounts.

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