Adult Coloring Book ‘High On Heels’ Blends the Soothing Art of Coloring with Fashion and Glamor

For those who miss their childhood love of colors and coloring books, this adult coloring book will bring old memories back. “High On Heels” by Troy DaVinci is a pack of high quality fashion coloring pages with over 40 globally known brands of shoes to be rendered in color in one’s favorite style and combination of hues.

“High On Heels” will give the current popular trend of adult coloring books a new direction. This is a coloring book for adults that makes coloring even more enticing by providing high fashion shoes to be colored. With over 20 brands, over 40 shoe styles, coloring hobbyists will get to paint well known brands such as Louboutin, Balmain, Alexander Mcqueen, Giuseppe, and Gucci.

Coloring books have gained in popularity with both men and women due to several beneficial effects. While being a fun activity, coloring books are being sought for reducing stress and boosting creativity. While popular designs include trees and natural landscape, “High On Heels” is the first attempt to make coloring books more edgy and glamorous.

“High On Heels” leaves no stone unturned to make coloring more engrossing and fun. The book comprises 140 pages, and even lets the user to create their own shoe design at the end of the book.

“There has never been a more fashionable, fierce and creative coloring book on the market. Get your hands on “High On Heels” now and indulge in the full of effects of coloring in your favorite stilettos,” says Troy DaVinci.

Troy DaVinci is a sneakerhead and CEO of Narleyapps Inc, which makes mobile games and sneaker apps, apart from running the Davinci Coloring Book website. The DaVinci Adult Coloring books are an innovative way to bring adults back to the fun of their childhood and improve their cognitive thinking as well as relax their mind.

“Our goal is to impart a medium that enables an adult to explore the creativity of the mind while instigating nostalgic memories from childhood,” says Troy DaVinci.

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