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John Hayter, CEO of Thought Mechanics
Thought Mechanics is a Denver-based web solutions company that believes in industry specific web design and marketing. As the company enters its 13th year it reflects on the model that has made them so successful.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Denver, CO – Technology innovations have changed how people view and use the web. Today’s internet marketers and web designers have so many advantages when it comes to tools, but still have to overcome a highly saturated market and increasingly more demanding audience for their clients.  What worked to drive traffic ten years ago does not work anymore. To maintain longevity, companies need to not only be able to communicate their unique value to their clients but to do so in a way that is meaningful and relevant. Thought Mechanics is a Denver-based web solutions company who continues to grow even after thirteen years in business. CEO John Hayter believes that they can attribute so much of Thought Mechanic’s success on their industry specific focus for web design and marketing.

“When creating a website or a marketing plan it’s important to keep in mind that you are designing for a specific audience,” says Hayter.  “This is why our approach has always been to think ‘industry specific’ in our planning and execution.”

Industry specific web design and marketing creates a more focused inbound approach that reduces the chances of superfluous leads.  As most businesses understand, it is important for a website to be visited, but it is more important to be visited by people who are willing to make a commitment. Every industry has its own demographic with unique buying preferences and triggers, something Thought Mechanics considers when developing web strategy. Their process begins with a detailed-driven design phase that analyzes: customer demographics, geo-graphics of the target market, products and services, the average transaction size, and budget. After the analysis phase is over they get to the work of strategic planning, design, programming, and launch.

While the company is pleased to work with any new business that wants a targeted approach to web engagement, they have very developed relationships in some of the more common industries in Colorado that they work with: Farm and Ranch Real Estate, Sporting & Recreation, Agriculture, and Fitness.

“We have a lot of areas of concentration, especially those industries or markets that are important in a state like Colorado. Real estate is a prime example,” says Hayter. “I have extensive knowledge in farm and ranch real estate, for example. I’m even licensed in three states. This knowledge really helps when developing for real estate clients because I understand and am familiar with all the major land listings sites and their syndication process, feeds, etcetera. I even have direct contacts in their IT departments.”

Thought Mechanics was happy to be known for web design and development, but always knew the key to staying on top was to diversify and increase capacity. Over the course of their thirteen years in the web business, they have expanded from web design to marketing to providing a full menu of services for their clients. Today, the company includes video production, social media marketing, email marketing, and graphic design among its services. When asked what they hoped to be known for, Hayter replied with: “Making our clients successful.”

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