Airwheel H3 Smart Electric Wheelchair Has Initiated Many Humanized And Unexpected Features For Riders

As the first electric wheelchair in Airwheel, H3 has initiated many humanized and unexpected features for riders. For instance, the automatic folding system, super stability and other intelligent designs. Is it easy to drive H3?

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Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair has perfect multiple folding system. It can be folded and unfolded at will. More importantly, it can be folded automatically. Just push one button. Also, the folded figure is small enough to take into many small spaces. When it comes to the riding, it offers great experience.

H3 smart Electric Wheelchairs is composed of vehicle frame, wheels, seat, handrails, storage battery, motor and controller, etc. This product is designed to help disabled and the old, or the weak ones move within a certain distance (not allowed driving on high ways). Your safety is critical for Airwheel. Therefore, please carefully read this user manual before using the wheelchair, which is of great importance to your safe operation.

H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair

How to drive H3? Firstly, the driver should fasten safety belt after sitting on the seat. Press the starting button and then the 5-scale charge volume display will be on or twinkles slowly. Push the rocker slowly forward until you hear the sound of electromagnetic brake. At this time, H3 should move forward. Similarly, push or pull the rocker backward/leftward/rightward, H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchairwill move backward/leftward/rightward.

H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair

Adjust the speed scale button to regulate driving speed according to road condition, surrounding conditions and personal preference. When you want to stop, release the operational rocker and it will turn to central position. Then you could hear electromagnetic sound soon, it means that the wheelchair is braking steadily. Pay attention to surrounding conditions when moving backward. Slowly pull the rocker backward and the wheelchair will move backward.

H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair

Note: Only when the tie rod on close position, it means the wheelchair is braking, people can drive the wheelchair. To ensure the security of people and H3 folding electric wheelchair, it is prohibited to use this function when the wheelchair uphill or downhill. When you release the operation handle during driving and the handle has returned to the central position, but H3 electric folding wheelchair does not stop, please lock the electrical door as soon as possible and contact the nearest dealer.

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