Sphere New Whitepaper Explores The Benefits Of Decentralized Social Network

The whitepaper was released on September 7th, 2017 which reveals the exciting plans for Sphere and how people can benefit from their new platform.

Sphere, the next generation of social networks who recently announced the launch of their new cryptocurrency, is pleased to announce they have released their WHITEPAPER. The Whitepaper was released on September 7th, 2017 (www.sphere.social/whitepaper) and provides important information on the future of their platform and how they are changing the industry for the better.

Billions of dollars are made by companies operating social networks using users online activity. These users are using the networks without understanding their activity is increasing profits on a daily basis, and without those users, the networks profits would be vastly reduced. So, is it not about time that the users share in the profits?

Sphere, which continues to gain exposure around the world, and has caused a great deal of excitement in the digital currency industry, wants users to take back control and be in charge of their data, and be compensated. For too long now these big companies have been in control, but not now, not any longer, thanks to Sphere who aims to disrupt the $500 Billion Dollar industry.

A spokesman for Sphere said: “For a long time now people have been taken advantage of. We want that to stop. Sphere is not just another company, we are a family with each and every member a part of that family. Our Whitepaper sets out our plans for the future, and helps people to understand why we are different and why they should come and join us.”

Sphere has already shown the digital currency industry how they are different by launching a campaign to help people earn by being a part of their platform.

To learn more about Sphere, and to read the Whitepaper and see why they stand out, please visit https://sphere.social/whitepaper/

About Sphere

Sphere is the new generation of social network. They are creating a decentralized social network based on blockchain technologies, where members take back the power with every click and every social connection.

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