New-age attachment turning NERF gun into blaster arrives on Kickstarter!

An electronic enthusiast from Arizona recently launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter; seeking support for his new innovative blaster clip. Which aims to make NERF fights more engaging with high-end audio effects.

Jared Renfro, the inventor of the “Apogee6 Blaster Clip,” has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of his cutting-edge sound attachment. This revolutionary clip is designed to turn a normal NERF gun into a powerful blaster with high definition audio effects. The device is all about enhancing the game immersion quotient to make NERF fights even more stimulating for the players.

The crowd-funding campaign is geared to raise $35,000 by October 13.

Nothing beats a good NERF war! I love the feeling of being a hero on the battlefield. Dodging enemy fire and taking names, one foam dart at a time!

In a traditional Nerf battle you can see the fight and feel the adrenalin but you can hear much more than springs and colliding plastic. Such thoughts motivated me into building something that can duly amp up the immersionquotient of the game and thus Apogee6 was born. Apogee6 brings sound to the Battlefield! You would simply need to attach the clip to the gun’s barrel, and the moment a shot is detected, the clip will blast out a futuristic weapon sound effect. Put simply, Apogee6 will transcend your everyday NERF gun into a master blaster in one shot to make each NERF session unforgettable for your whole gang. The Apogee6 Blaster Clipis ready for production and now only lacks a plastic injection mold to complete the production pipeline. Your generous support would help me to make your NERF wars even more special, stated Jared Renfro while announcing the crowd-funding campaign.

The Apogee6 clip is compatible with any NERF gun sporting a standard barrel adapter. The device is engineered to blast out not just one but 35 selectable audio effects. On top of that, the clip plays these sounds on three separate channels in real time. Allowing a smooth flow of layered HD-sound as opposed to a shear cut off every time a track is played over another. The clip can also blast the effects at up to a massive 92db from a meter away. It runs on four AAA-batteries and Jared also assured excellent power efficiency.

Speaking further, he revealed that Apogee6 is engineered for 2-part family mold which makes it ideal for mass production.

Apogee6 clip features a panelized circuit board which is developed for pick and place production. I have left no stone unturned to guarantee all electronic components used here were active and available with several US distributors. Moreover, I had tested the device time and again and each time had met with amazing results. Now, I am looking forward to gathering all the needed parts in bulk and also a place to kickstart mass production. I am sure like me you too have been waiting for long to bring a more realistic feel to the otherwise mechanical NERF fights- now its the time. Lets join hands to transcend our regular NERF grounds into high-definition battlefields.


To show your support for Apogee6 Blaster Clip, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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