New book By Eric Reese comes up as guiding light to bullied teens with proven lessons to fight back

Author Eric Reese has recently released his new book which offers a first-hand tale of his own bullied past and also serves as a tale of inspiration on how to gather courage to overcome these obstacles.

San Diego, California – September 20, 2017 – The recent mass shooting at Washington state high school by 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe brought to light a grim reality – mass school shootings are all a result of a child being bullied and harassed by peers. Had Caleb and many other teen mass shooters like him could have received proper counseling and guidance to overcome the constant teasings, innumerable lives could have been saved, including that of the shooters. In that light, San Diego-based author Eric Reese has recently released his new book “There and Now” (Volume 1) which offers a first-hand account of the pathos of being bullied and also guides the harassed teens on how to fight back the bullies. 

The book is released on Amazon and its inspiring real-life story has already earned stellar reviews as well as a solid 5 on 5 star rating from readers.

“There and Now” hums the story of the author himself and his heart-wrenching tales of being bullied and having nowhere to turn to for help. The main protagonist of the book is Lil E, an Afro-American boy, born in inner-city Philadelphia in the 1970s. The story treads through all the turbulent phases in his life- ranging from mental torture of being considered a nerd to his hard times fitting in with his peers and so on. The best part is that, despite being bullied,Lil E was finally able to sum up his strength and confidence and fight back.  

“Almost every other day, news of mass shootings at schools by students is making the headlines. That’s sad but the worst part is that these heinous incidents are mostly a result of being bullied by peers. We all know the story of Caleb who, an otherwise innocent teen, was forced to pick up the gun just to teach a lesson to his bullies at school. Such grave is the impact of being harassed and teased on by peers. My new book is a recollection of my painful past of dealing with bullies and peer pressure. It also shares how I finally summed up the courage to overcome such challenges and lead a normal peaceful life. I am hopeful that my accounts will help people and parents to understand the sufferings of those who are being bullied and guide them to look forward to a positive future”, stated the author.

Speaking further he said that bullied teens grow up holding resentment that impair their normal psychological development and drive them towards negative behaviors. Most of the times, it’s too late to help them and steer them away from negative involvements. According to the author, parents have to be more alert here to find out what their teens are experiencing inside the schools. 

“My book extends an in-depth picture on how teens are bullied at schools. It will help the parents to understand what’s going on with their kids so that they can take the necessary steps before it’s too late.”


About the author

Based in San Diego, CA, Eric Reese is a socially-conscious author, community organizer and computer geek. He travels all across the globe and meets scholars from various religions, social reform and education. He has authored highly acclaimed books and number of essays on spirituality and social issues. 

The book has received rave reviews from its readers:

“Lil E went through a lot. The story is about every youth of color who grew up in inner city America.”

“There and now is an amazing memoir. I enjoyed this book as it was REAL. This book is brutally honest and it is so refreshing to read.”

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