4 Basic Items Every Doomsday Prepper Must Have, Shared by HAGA Expert

“Heirloom survival seeds for doomsday preppers”
Home and Garden America talks about the importance of food, water, shelter and security for doomsday preparedness.

Carson City, NV – September 21, 2017 – Doomsday prepping has been a popular topic for the past couple of months. With all the earthquakes, hurricanes, recessions, terror attacks and nuclear threats happening in the world, it makes sense that more people now actively want to prepare themselves for the worst that could happen. But prepping can be quite overwhelming for those who are just starting out. To guide beginners, Home and Garden America (HAGA) has prepared a quick list of the 4 basic items that every doomsday prepper must have.

“Always secure the most basic items first so you’re ready to face any kind of situation—whether it’s a calamity, economic collapse or a man-made disaster,” an expert from HAGA gave advice. He revealed the 4 staples of doomsday preparedness to be food, water, shelter and security.

When it comes to food, the expert tells new preppers to equip their pantries and survival packs with non-perishable food items. “Start small at first and gradually build up your supply with foods that your family members prefer. You can go with canned foods, dehydrated foods or freeze-dried foods depending on your budget. Freeze-dried foods last the longest but they’re a lot more expensive. Dehydrated foods are in the medium range while canned foods have to be changed every couple of years. I personally store a combination of the three and regularly rotate my family’s food supply so we can have a more varied diet in a survival situation. It’s also wise to stock on long-lasting items like salt, sugar, vinegar, honey, herbs and seeds for medicinal and culinary purposes.”

On the topic of water, beginner preppers are advised to store one gallon a day for every member of their family. Setting up a proper water filtration system is highly recommended so that families will have constant access to clean water for drinking, cooking and sanitation.

Defense against the elements must be considered as well. “Prepare a shelter that will protect your family from the harsh environment. It’s important to stay warm in cold weather, and cool in extreme heat conditions. Tarps, tents, sleeping bags and foil blankets are some good options,” suggested the HAGA expert.

Finally, a beginner prepper must think about security in order to defend the family in violent situations, protect the territory, as well as hunt for food. “Survival knives and other weapons are very useful in the wilderness since they can be used for woodcutting, trapping and hunting game. If you ever decide to carry guns, make sure they are legally obtained and that you are trained and responsible enough to use them,” the expert reminded.

With the right supply of food, water, shelter and security, any doomsday prepper will be prepared for the worst-case scenarios that the future may bring. Further information about doomsday preparedness is available at homeandgardenamerica.com.

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