Heirloom Seeds are More Practical for Survival Gardening, Says HAGA

“Heirloom seeds for survival preparedness”
Heirloom seeds have been tried and tested through the years, making them the best option for survival gardening. Home and Garden America talks more about the benefits of storing heritage seeds in the following article.

Carson City, NV – September 22, 2017 – Survival gardening has been generating a lot of buzz recently, and it’s not just among survival enthusiasts but avid gardeners as well. Gardening combined with survival preparedness is the perfect way to enjoy growing vegetables and secure one’s emergency food supply at the same time. As the practice of survival gardening picks up, so is the demand for heirloom seeds—for these two always go hand in hand.

Home and Garden America, a small family-owned business based in Nevada, has long been an advocate for survival gardening. Appreciating the value of heritage and sustainability, the family has always used heirloom seeds in their survival gardens.

“For us, planting heirloom seeds is just more practical. Heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties have existed for at least 50 years, which means it has been tested and proven over time. The fact that they can still be grown successfully today is a testament to the toughness and quality of the seeds, making them ideal for both vegetable gardening and survival purposes,” says Mr. Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America.

Heirloom seeds have a rich and long history behind them. Back in the day, there was actually a time when every single garden was organic. Conventional farming methods that use chemicals, pesticides and genetic modification were not invented yet so people had access to fresh, nutritious, homegrown produce.

The very first heirloom seeds came from this glorious time: they were saved from the best crops and carefully handed down so that the next generations could enjoy the special varieties that their forefathers worked so hard to cultivate and preserve.

“It’s an important heritage that’s been passed down from generation to generation. If our ancestors lived off on these seeds before, then we can also do the same now. We can always count on heirloom seeds to produce the natural and nutritious foods we need, especially in the event of a catastrophe. It is exactly for this reason that we only use heirloom seeds for survival gardening,” the CEO continued.

Thanks to the public’s increasing interest in organic gardening and survival preparedness, a lot of people now share the same mindset with Home and Garden America. Many are starting to see the benefit of storing heirloom seeds because they strike the perfect balance between vegetable gardening and long-term survival.

“With heritage seeds, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. You can grow rare and exciting heirloom varieties in your home garden while have complete peace of mind knowing that your food supply is guaranteed if a major disaster were to take place. Heirloom seeds are truly a sensible investment that all households should consider,” Mr. Harmon further remarked.

More information on heirloom seeds for survival gardening can be found on the Home and Garden America website.

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Home and Garden America is the gardening division of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The family-owned business supplies non-gmo heirloom seeds for survival gardening and disaster preparedness.

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