Bryan Roland Takes To Kickstarter For Funding The One Of Its Kind AutoDock Car Organizer

Bryan Roland starts fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for AutoDock Car Organizer project.

Entrepreneur and business consultant, Bryan Roland has started a campaign on Kickstarter for funding his project, AutoDock Car Organizer. It is one of a kind car organizer that will hold all the mobile devices of users in one convenient location. The control remains on the fingertips of the user.

“Technological distractions have become a part of everyone’s life today and the worst affected are those who drive because it impacts road safety the most,” says Bryan Roland. “The idea of AutoDock came to me when I realized that with growing spread and use of technology, the number of accidents also was also growing. AutoDock is designed to hold every mobile device in existence as well as other important things like business cards, pens, paper, drinks, lighters and others.”

AutoDock offers a convenient way of holding mobile devices of all types and models, iPads, phones, and GPSs of all models. It does not take any room from the passenger or driver. It is a great way of remaining fully organized while on the road. There are collapsible wings for holding cups that can be put out of the way when not needed. The mount is designed to rotate 360 degrees which means high convenience of use. Users can configure the AutoDock in any way that is comfortable for them while driving.

AutoDock is perfect for those individuals who are messy with their things and need help to remain organized. The system is highly flexible. Users can add or remove things to suit their individual needs. They can keep devices organized even without the table. Larger devices can be managed better with AutoDock.

According to Bryan, there are a few risks and challenges associated with developing and marketing such a product. While Bryan would love to see every car on the road fitted with AutoDock, he is also aware of the potential challenges and risks that come with the mass market of a product like AutoDock. The biggest challenge is in the production part of the project.

Bryan says that one of foreseeable delays could come from the suppliers of table, mounts, and drink holders. The project team has significantly mitigated this risk by ordering and keeping inventory in advance so that any snags in the supply chain can be dealt with. To the best possible extent, these risks have been reduced by the project team and it is unlikely that there will be any negative consequences associated with the supply chain in the near future.

Bryan and his team have a financial goal of $50,000 which they hope will come from the crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter. The project will be funded only if this goal is reached by the deadline date of 16 October, 2017. There are many attractive rewards on offer by Bryan Roland depending on the level of participation of contributors.

About AutoDock Car Organizer:

AutoDock Car Organizer is an innovative system created by Bryan Roland to help those on the road in organizing all their devices smoothly and efficiently with control of everything on their fingertips. AutoDock can hold every type mobile device, all models of iPads, all types of phones and GPSs.

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