Chint Circuit Breakers a More Popular Buy at Expert Electrical Not only Because of Price

Circuit breaker manufacturers like Chint know all too well how important it is to choose the right circuit breakers for residential, commercial, and industrial locations. This is also one reason why Chint circuit breakers are some of the most popular choices at electrical suppliers like Expert Electrical.

UNITED KINGDOM – 22 Sep, 2017 – Whilst there are many electrical products and brands to choose from at Expert Electrical, including products such as fuses, industrial plugs and sockets, limit and safety switches, circuit protection products, power supplies and transformers, switches and sockets, as well as brands that include ABB, Phillips LED Lighting, Tempa Pano, Gewiss, Hylec, Hellerman Tyton, Schneider/Telemecanique, and more, there is a particular product and brand that is always in high demand. This product (and brand) is the circuit breakers from Chint.

Chint has been a long-standing producer of different kinds of circuit breakers and related products for use in homes, offices, and industrial spaces, and it is one of the featured companies at Expert Electrical. Some of the most popular Chint products include the Chint Auxiliary Contact for DZ1 High Current Circuit Breakers, the Chint EBG Single Pole Circuit Breakers, the Chint High Current Circuit Breakers, the Chint Single Pole & Neutral Circuit Breakers, the Chint NDK Control Circuit Transformers, and more.

But even amongst all these products, one product is always in high demand: Chint miniature circuit breakers. Chint Miniature Circuit Breakers come with some highly-advanced features as well as specs, as Expert Electrical confirms. “The Chint range of NB1 circuit breakers are available in a choice of poles, current ratings, tripping curves and breaking capacities; please choose from the product options. Miniature circuit breakers (known as MCBs) can be used in Chint consumer units, Chint distribution boards or as standalone devices to provide circuit protection,” Expert Electrical states.

The tripping characteristics customers can choose from when it comes to the Chint miniature circuit breaker include the B Type, the C Type, and the D Type. The B type is ideal for use in domestic locations or in small commercial spaces, whilst the C type is ideal for use in industrial locations with the presence of inductive loads. The D type is suitable for applications which have a high inrush of current, including transformers and motors.

Aside from being offered at an excellent price (only at £2.64 which already includes VAT), these Chint miniature circuit breakers are always a popular buy because of their quality, efficiency, durability, and performance.


Expert Electrical is a renowned electrical product supplier in the United Kingdom. To browse through its extensive miniature circuit breaker selection and other premium electrical products, visit the Expert Electrical website. 

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