Wayken Rapid Prototype Manufacturer Began Offering End-to-End CNC Prototype Machining Solutions

Wayken, a China based rapid prototype manufacturer, recently started offering end-to-end CNC prototype machining services.

Wayken, a rapid prototype manufacturer from Guangdong Province, China, recently started offering end-to-end CNC prototype machining services. The owners claimed that their CNC prototype models bring concepts to the production team, the marketers and the customers. The company, which uses world-class technologies and inexpensive materials for CNC prototyping, now also offers their customers a chance to evaluate their concepts. One of the owners of Wayken Rapid Prototyping informed that they have now adequately equipped prototyping factories where their customers are often invited to check the product designs.

“Making CNC prototypes before the mass production starts is essential as the clients can easily identify the potential errors in the prototype designs and we can rectify those errors”, said a top executive of Wayken Rapid during a recent press conference. “We have now the technical capability to prototype more than once concept simultaneously. We use an advanced technology named Stereolithography or SLA as well as Selective Laser Sintering or SLS for CNC prototype machining. Our fast CNC prototype machining services enable Computer Numerical Control product designers and entrepreneurs across the world to reduce production downtime”, he added. He also maintained that faster concept-modeling help product designers to maximize their profits.

The executive also said that finishing plays a pivotal role in bringing variations in machine-finished prototype concepts. “We have our finishing team that offers primer finishing, hand finishing, cold-match painting, and soft touch finishing services”. Although the executive remained tight-lipped about the special assembling methods which they follow, a co-owner of Wayken Rapid Prototype Manufacturer indicated that the special methods which they follow help them in rendering the finest visual appearance.

The CEO and managing director of the company also met the press during the announcement of the CNC prototype machining solutions. He said that their official site contains all the resources for clients and anybody who is interested in knowing more about the fast prototyping services, including materials selection guide, technologies selection guide, different types of prototype finishing examples, and quality assurance guides. “We are China’s leading CNC prototype machining service providers at this moment and our technical sales team has done a wonderful job in helping us go from strength to strength”, he told the press.

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Wayken Rapid is a leading prototyping company nestled in China.

To know more, visit http://www.waykenrm.com/

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